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This is a glossary of terms with their own wiki pages, sorted by the theme or themes they originate from. Note that some terms may appear multiple times on this page due to having strong relevance to multiple themes.

To make a Library entry, add the Library category, at least one Theme category, and at least one Category category to a wiki page.

General - Touches On More Than Four Themes

Ad Stella Gundam

After Colony Gundam

After War Gundam

Anno Domini Gundam

Armored Core

Banpresto Originals

Brave Series

Code Geass

Cosmic Era Gundam

Cowboy Bebop

Evangelion Series

Front Mission

Full Metal Panic!

Future Century Gundam

Galaxy Cyclone Braiger

Getter Robo Series


Hardcore Mecha

Kotetsushin Jeeg

Macross Series

Martian Successor Nadesico

Mazinger Series

Sakura Taisen

Ultra Series

Universal Century Gundam


SRTMOO Original