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Please send all applications as text in the body of the email itself.


1a) What is your preferred name or alias?

1b) If you do not yet have a wiki account, what would you like your account name to be? (Your password for the wiki will be sent via a separate email.)

1c) Please give us a non-exhaustive idea of your prior MU*ing history - notable characters and MU* you were at.

1d) Please affirm you are at least 18 years of age. While SRTMOO is not an "adult" game (see Tone and Theme), it is a game that deals with mature themes.


2. Please give us the finger profile of the character you'd like to play, if they haven't been made before. If you want changes to an existing finger, please note that you're making changes.

  • Name: What is the character's complete name (in English reading order)?
  • Origin: (FOR OCs:) Original (FOR FCs:) Please list the metaseries the character is from.
  • Gender: As-appropriate for character (MOO supports an essentially infinite number of pronoun structures).
  • Species: Please be specific - 'Human' is not a complete answer. ("Natural" is.)
  • Awakening: The character's Awakening score.
  • Job: What role does your character take in the world? (This doesn't have to be their literal job, a function or narrative role is fine.)
  • Homeland: Where does your character call home? (Takes any argument.)
  • Signature Unit: What is the mobile weapon that would be most readily associated with the character?
  • Profile: Give us 4-8 sentences that would serve as a capsule summary of the character. Examples can be seen on the game by typing (+finger/@dossier) and a character name.
  • Groups: List any groups the character is in. Characters can belong to multiple organizations; the ones created at launch are open to any player character. With the permission of a leader of any future groups, a new character can join those groups as well.

Character Information

3a) Tell us the highlights of the character's background, about a paragraph or two for each question. We are looking for boilerplate highlights, not minutiae. Cover these in any format you like; do not feel obligated to break it out section by section, but make sure you answer all of the following:

  • 3a1) What specific events made them decide to fight for the world? If the decision to fight was made for them, how was it made for them? Or, if they're not someone who fights, what events most colored their perception of the world?
  • 3a2) How did they gain the power to fight, and access to the units that dominate combat of the era? Or, if they do not fight, what is it that draws them inexorably into the orbit -of- fighting?
  • 3a3) Are there any formative, lynchpin moments in the character's history that, without them the character simply does not function? Explain them briefly, and what they mean.

3b) What are the core traits of the character's personality? Again, we don't need a novel here unless you want to write one, but there's some questions we'd definitely like to see covered, in the same way as above.

  • 3b1) What are your character's core motivations and goals?
  • 3b2) How does your character relate to others?
  • 3b3) How do they feel about the world as it is? If they're satisfied with it, what is it they want to protect? If they're unsatisfied with it, what is it they wish to change?

Mechanical Information

4. We ask that all applications use the character sheet located here:

Please make a copy, then link us to the copy in the application.

  • 4a) For Pilot: Please explain your placement reasoning for your pilot at their performance level at the point of application.

Does your character have any personal units? If yes, continue. If not, skip this step.

  • 4b1) Please explain to us the goal or core idea behind the personalizations applied to your unit(s) that makes it uniquely yours, from Kamille building Zeta Gundam out of the Gundam MkII, to the designs or systems that turn 'a Gundam' into 'your Gundam'.
  • 4b2) Please explain your placement reasoning for the unit(s) at its performance level (before Personalization Bonus).

Non-Mechanical Resources

5. Does your character have some supernatural ability, great prowess in unarmed combat, some resources beyond those of a typical Neo-Colonial citizen, some heritable title? Great fame, or a major secret in their family history? Mention those sorts of things here. It is important to consider the skillset your character has that is not fighting things that are five meters tall or taller; very few characters are strictly obsessed with fighting to the exclusion of all other things, and those that are, well. That's a specific character point equally worthy of mention!


"What is the most important thing to you? I will defend it with my life!" -- Masaaki Endoh

6. What excites you about playing this character? What is it you absolutely want to do on the character? What do you see as potential concerns or problems, especially if you're playing an antagonist or a character who explores some themes that need to be treated with care? If there are things you'd like to downplay or avoid, please note that as well.

Final Pre-Flight Checks

All done? Please send your application to It should have the following subject line:

(FC or OC) - Primary Faction - Character Name

Thank you so much!

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