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Pre-Universal Century: The Unification Era

2090: Futurist Aeolia Schenberg publishes suggestions for radical changes to the organization of energy production, military defense, and human society. The prescience of many of these propositions becomes a topic of curiosity in UC 0096, after the name Aeolia Schenberg resurfaces again.

2150: An age of global-scale conflict begins. Nation-scale warfare is a constant for the next three decades. Many attach themselves to colonization projects out of fear of the fighting, leading to an unexpected burst in space colonization.

2180s: Global-scale conflicts end, as global power coalesces into a handful of power blocs: the Advanced European Union, the Oceania Cooperative Union, the Britannian Union of Solar Energy, the South African Union, and the Republic of East Asia. Other smaller power blocs, such as the Kingdom of Scandinavia, also come into being around this time.

2188: The Britannian Union launches the Europa, a manned space exploration vessel aimed at Jupiter. It does not return.

2206: Several lunar colonies attempt to declare their independence. The First Lunar Independence War is generally agreed to be the first war in space, and lasts about four years; the losers pile into stolen ships and propulsion-capable asteroids and leave the Earth Sphere. They are ultimately reported most likely dead, given their resource base could not have conceivably gotten them past the asteroid belt, which they were chased into.

2211: The last year of the Common Era calendar, as the major power blocs agree to form the Earth Federation.

Universal Century 0001-0045: A Cautious Beginning

0001: The Universal Century Charter is signed, and the Universal Century begins.

0004: The earliest efforts to create what modern people would recognize as mobile armed warfare begin with the Wanderwagen, a bipedal arms platform approximately nine meters tall. This project is lauded as one of the first great triumphs of the Federation model, bringing together scientists from every power bloc.

0018: Several blocs within the South African Union go to war with one another essentially simultaneously. This is later found to be the result of political tampering by Advanced European Union arms manufacturers.

0027: The former South African Union blocs reintegrate as the Organization of African Consolidation, thanks to the efforts of former mobile infantryman Earl McCoy to broker peace across the continent. The OAC formally rejoins the Earth Federation, on condition that the AEU pays significant reparations.

0034: The "Emblem of Blood" period begins in the Britannian Union. Members of the Britannian Imperial Family begin consolidating power, engaging in small skirmishes with one another's holdings and even having one another assassinated in pursuit of the throne.

0039: The Jupiter Exploration Project is announced. This project seeks to establish an energy acquisition organization in the Jupiter Sphere as well as gather information about the rest of the Sol System. The Jupitris-class supertanker ship is commissioned, iterating on the design of the Europa. The Jupitris-class becomes the standard for mass fuel transit thereafter.

0041: Construction of the Orbital Ring, a solar power generation device, begins. Early efforts see the creation of both the Earth-based foundations for orbital elevators. The OCU and AEU do not claim much of a foothold in these proceedings, and begin to slip toward 'minor bloc' status.

Mining in Japan for non-carbon materials for the Orbital Elevator project leads to an archaeological discovery: a pair of bronze bells similar to early Japanese ritual bells, but able to generate massive amounts of energy on command through electromagnetism. Dr. Senjiro Shiba, the lead investigator, takes the bells for further research.

0042: George Glenn, one of history's youngest Nobel laureates (nominated at age 20; currently in his 30s), Olympic athlete, and aviation scientist, discloses that he is a Coordinator -- one with carefully-designed gene selection -- and disseminates all information on the process of making Coordinators. Chaos ensues. George Glenn departs on the Jupiter Exploration Project, aboard its leading vessel, the Jupitris-class Tsiolkovsky.

0043: The creation of Coordinators is officially banned in Federation nations. Non-Federation nations turn birth tourism into an industry, however, and other hospitals, universities, and scientific organizations perform the procedure in secret, so this does little to stem the growth of the Coordinator population.

Construction of mass drivers begins in earnest.

0045: The Sanc Kingdom, an independent micronation bordering the AEU, hosts a summit between AEU and OAC leadership. Long-standing tensions are addressed, and the two blocs ultimately forge a partnership that lasts into the present day, coupling the burgeoning economic power of the OAC with the research infrastructure of the AEU.

Universal Century 0046-0057: We Are Not Alone

0046: Zeon Zum Deikun, a postdoctoral political science and political philosophy fellow at the Ravnui National Institute of Science, publishes an economic, environmental, and moral argument for the independence of space colonies.

A meteor makes impact with the Earth at South Ataria Island. Federation researchers promptly swarm the impact site. The impact leads to significant volcanic activity across the Pacific Ocean, and Huffman Island forms. The OCU and Union clash over territorial rights. A second meteor strikes Japan shortly thereafter, drilling through the side of Mt. Fuji.

The "Great Jama Empire," a legion of monsters, begins to attack Japan. While they are ultimately stopped by Steel Jeeg, a robot made by Dr. Shiba using one of the bronze bells discovered in 0041, much of Kyushu is covered in an impenetrable fog, dubbed "the Kyushu Zone" after an evacuation.

0049: The Jupiter Exploration Project sends back photographs of a winged space whale corpse found near Jupiter. The Tsiolkovsky is ordered to return immediately.

0051: Juzo Kabuto, an archaeologist, geologist, and roboticist, discovers one completely new isotope and large deposits of another previously thought to only occur in a handful of locations. The former, dubbed japanium, propels materials science forward with its uniquely high toughness while also opening up new forms of radiation research, while the latter, sakuradite, serves well as both a power source and a high temperature superconductor. The quantities of the latter now available turn it from research curiosity to driver of industry.

0052: Zeon Zum Deikun moves to Side 3, continuing to forward the argument for complete colonial independence. He also forwards the idea of the Newtype, a next step in human evolution precipitated by migration to space.

0054: Research based on the South Ataria impact site begins to pay dividends. Numerous iterations on mobile weapons begin at this time. The first Variable Fighter -- a plane which can transform into a humanoid weapon -- rolls out. For urban warfare, the Wanderpanzer (or Wanzer, for short) -- an iteration on the Wanderwagen concept that uses interchangeable limbs in addition to interchangeable weapons -- makes its debut.

Cracks begin to form in the Federation as the OCU and Union come to blows over rights to Huffman Island. What eventually becomes known as the Huffman Conflict occurs. Despite concerns about the stability of the Federation as a whole, the conflict persists for the better part of two years before ending, as everyone tacitly agrees that wanzer and Variable Fighter combat data is worth the loss of life.

0055: The Republic of East Asia's Peace Mediation Organization brokers a ceasefire in the Huffman Conflict (later known as the First Huffman Conflict) late in the year. As part of the terms of the ceasefire, one of the diplomats -- the Britannian Union's Prince Charles zi Britannia -- demands that Union forces be allowed to monitor the "Zone" in Japan. The OCU balks at the irrelevance of the request, but in the end agrees.

0056: The Tsiolkovsky returns with the space whale fossil, termed Evidence-01, as well as its observations on its return pass through Martian space. Research begins in earnest.

Universal Century 0058-0065: The Age of the World at War Begins

0058: Generally seen as the beginning of modern mechanized warfare. The South Ataria Meteor -- now known as the Alien Star Ship-1, and later the SDF-1 Macross -- destroys an alien ship in orbit on its own and subsequently uses its space folding engine to move to Pluto, conducting a one-ship war with aliens known as Zentradi. Mobile weapon development skyrockets.

Chaos ensues. Side 3 declares itself a proper nation, rather than an undifferentiated colonial holding, as the Autonomous Republic of Munzo, with Zeon Zum Deikun at its head. Due to the shock of the Zentradi's appearance, the move is not immediately opposed.

Over the next two years, fighting with the Zentradi takes millions of lives. The first phase of the war ends within the year, but claims roughly 1 billion human lives. As part of the ceasefire, both species enter a Mars Colonization Agreement, which begins with Zentradi-led terraforming of Mars and the establishment of Martian colonies. Some hostilities with remnant Zentradi forces continue over the next two years.

0059: The Federation establishes the Earth Federal Space-Defense Force (EFSF) as a separate service from bloc militaries, and applies economic sanctions against Side 3.

0060: Hostilities with the Zentradi finally end completely.

Destroyed and decommissioned Zentradi vessels also become the cores of the Neo-Colonies, large habitation structures hooked directly into the Orbital Ring's power grid. With gravity provided by the gravity-based landing craft, these colonies become a more familiar, friendly mode of life in space than moonbases or Island colonies.

Over the next three years, the Federation builds several Macross-class vessels equipped with Fold drives and mobile weapon complements, hoping to colonize distant stars.

0062: The Federation establishes the PLANTs, industrial- and agricultural-optimized colonies with policy designs making them completely dependent on the Federation for basic food and infrastructure.

The Federation's wealthiest members concentrate into the Neo Colonies and do relatively little about the present state of the Earth; this mass migration using the Orbital Elevator system also causes economic complications.

Colonization of Mars begins. Both humans and Zentradi set down roots on the planet.

Many of the innovations that enable terraforming of Mars also see use in the creation of Layered cities, which burrow into the ground below the Earth rather than seeking to colonize the stars. The Federation takes much less interest in this development; private investors end up footing the bill for most Layered cities.

0065: An archaeological expedition to the Isle of Bardos, off of the coast of Greece, ends in tragedy as almost all involved are murdered by one of their own. The sole survivor, Juzo Kabuto, recounts a story of Great Subterranean Empires expert Dr. Hell going mad and murdering the other researchers in order to take control of the fruits of the expedition. Dr. Hell does not emerge from Bardos.

Universal Century 0066-0078: Crying Out Justice

0066: Colonial movement toward independence begins in earnest. Peace activist Heero Yuy is appointed by several colonists' rights and workers' organizations to petition the Federation for a redress of grievances. Zeon Deikun supports the move, but the influential Zabi family -- including Degwin Sodo Zabi, Deikun's minister of state -- does not.

0068: Zeon Zum Deikun dies of a heart attack. Poisoning is strongly suspected, and historians generally come to agree this was an assassination, but overwork is considered as a possibility. Degwin Sodo Zabi succeeds him as head of state.

0069: The Autonomous Republic of Munzo is rechristened the Principality of Zeon in honor of Zeon Zum Deikun, even as Deikun's supporters are purged.

Significant leaps are made in Minovsky physics research. Over the next several years, these lead to fundamental changes in warfare, including the creation of the Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor, mega particle weapons, and anti-radar technology. Zeon also develops a "critical semi-transparent medium" that completely reflects laser weaponry, enabling the development of solar reflection weapons and presenting a massive obstacle for Federation space forces, which are heavily reliant on laser weaponry.

0074: The Larcus Incident, in which the Union accuses the OCU of sending mobile weapon detachments to destroy or occupy facilities in the Larcus District of Huffman Island, occurs. The OCU denies involvement, but the Union uses this as a pretext to occupy the island. The Second Huffman Conflict begins. Again, mobile weapon combat data is prioritized over human lives in the Federation Assembly, with everyone confident this brush war will put them on a better footing in the long term.

0076: Heero Yuy is assassinated, and mass colonial independence efforts end in favor of small, local independence movements. Early Federation mobile weapon development stalls out as the developers disappear not long after the assassination. Within months, George Glenn is also assassinated.

The Second Huffman Conflict ends early in the year, with the Republic of East Asia's Peace Mediation Organization (PMO) mediating a ceasefire, but aftershocks continue. By the end of the year, it comes out that the REA engineered the conflict. The REA deflects responsibility onto the PMO, which is disbanded. No one pursues the matter further due to concerns about strife in space, and indeed, REA-headquartered political parties like Partiya Zaftra gain popularity elsewhere.

Within the PLANTs, Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala form the Zodiac Alliance, a protest organization seeking an end to the colonial food production cap. Tensions rise amid claims this is part of a long-term plan for retaliation for George Glenn's death.

0077: The colonies at Side 6 declare their independence from the Federation. The region plays host to a civil war that serves as a proxy battle between the EFSF and Zeon, with Zeon committing the first Minovsky-powered, combat-ready mobile suits to Side 6's Nationalist faction. Side 6 successfully claims its independence, and the Federation, concerned with Zeon's power, does not impose sanctions.

Britannian prince Charles zi Britannia ascends the throne at the age of 43. He seems disinterested in governance other than military policy, leaving most other concerns to the Britannian Senate or his adult children.

0078: In the wake of Side 6's independence, the Federation begins assessing possibilities for mass mobile weapon development.

Universal Century 0079-0083: Seeking Out Triumphs

0079: The One Year War occurs, with Zeon initiating conflict by dropping a colony. Intended for Jaburo, it is deflected by the Federation mid-drop and falls instead on Sydney, killing millions. Zeon takes the war to Earth in short order.

The Federation's mobile weapons development efforts are caught with their metaphorical pants down, as land-based strife led to no space-specific weapon development, and Zeon's armor is heavily laser-resistant. In spite of this, the Federation is able to defeat Zeon by the turn of the new year. Approximately 25% of the human population is killed in the fighting.

Additional colony drops are attempted over the course of the war, as is the use of the Solar Ray System, the first critical semi-transparent medium weapon, which uses mirrors to concentrate solar energy into a highly-destructive beam. Both the Federation and Zeon make use of solar weaponry, destroying large numbers of capital ships and leaving the war to be decided by much smaller numbers of mobile suits.

As the war reaches fever pitch in December, Zeon strikes several labs in neutral colonies. Most of these strikes either arrive late or come up short, but do reveal that the Union and Republic of East Asia have been using "civilian" labs in "neutral" colonies for mobile weapon development. One of these colonies is successfully seized by Zeon a few days before Christmas, and sent on a collision course with the Republic of East Asia's space elevator; a full-scale disaster is averted by a mobile weapon developed at the colony, but it ultimately makes impact at the four-way border between Zaftra, China, Mongolia, and former Kazakhstan.

Union military advisor E.C. Ducer proposes the Gundam Fight as a solution to growing tensions within the Federation, and to encourage continued mobile weapon development, late in the war. Under this proposition, member nations will use the ruined regions of Earth as a battleground, entering a single military unit in a competition for a tiebreaker position on the Federation Central Council. This is signed into law, with the first competition set for the end of the war.

0079 marks the second explosion in mobile weapon research, driven by the war. While mobile suits are the most notable result of this burst of activity, several other research efforts, including Getter Energy and Photon Power, show promise.

Whispered are born.

0080: The One Year War ends, and the first Gundam Fight begins. Gentle Chapman, a representative from the Britannian Union's Neo-Britannia, claims victory. The Britain Gundam, a heavily modified GM Sniper II made of luna titanium with an upgraded power plant, becomes the template for future military weapons development, leading to the GM Custom in 0081 and the GM Quel in 0084.

September 0080: "Second Impact," a meteorite impact centered in Antarctica and named for resembling the impact that killed the dinosaurs, occurs. World sea levels rise, about 10% of the human population is killed within two weeks, and subsequent territorial disputes and other crises brought on by the rising sea levels cause the destruction of several nations. The Federation Assembly refuses to condemn any act by any nation in this time or formally intervene, leading to severe destabilization of the Middle East and much of the AEU. REA forces destabilize much of Eastern Europe by pressing resource claims using deniable operations units, but the AEU pushes them back. Superweapons are used on Earth in modest quantities, leading to severe damage to much of Eastern Europe.

Second Impact leads to the appearance of the Dinosaur Empire, which evolved from dinosaurs hiding in caves beneath the Earth's crust. Saotome Labs, a Japanese mecha development firm, deploys Getter Robo; Getter Robo sees significantly higher success rates against the dinosaurs than conventional military hardware.

0083: Chaos continues. Seizing on disunity within the Federation, the Delaz Fleet of Zeon remnants executes Operation Stardust, a colony drop targeted at the heart of Union farmland. It is nominally successful, though mitigated by intervention efforts. The Union extracts further reparations from civilian Zeon, but all reinvestment goes to the Neo Colonies of the Union and seemingly little effort is put into rebuilding food production in the breadbasket. Several military interventions occur; the targets of the fighting are unclear, but the Sanc Kingdom falls. The Kingdom of Scandinavia withdraws from the Federation due to public frustration with the Federation's refusal to rein in its military action in any meaningful way.

Dr. Hell begins attempting to take over the world. The Federation has its hands full with resource reallocation after Operation Stardust, and elects to leave the problem to the Photon Power Labs' Super Robots, the Mazinger Corps, with assistance from Getter Robo.

Universal Century 0084-0087: The Rise and Fall of the Titans

0084: The second Gundam Fight is held. Yet again, Neo-Britannian representative Gentle Chapman wins the Fight. Earth-based territories, already struggling due to the last four years, riot in response; colonial holdings counter-riot. The Federation military substantially rearranges itself at the behest of the Union, and the political landscape shifts. The current governing coalition creates the Titans, a massively-funded unrest suppression organization, which quells the rioting within the colonies.

The Federation recalls all Macross-class ships to the Earth Sphere, citing a need for terrestrial defense over exploration. Over the next three years, most, but not all, return. They are immediately ordered to dock with the Orbital Ring for a readiness inspection.

0085: The 30 Bunch Incident occurs. July protests in Side 1's 30 Bunch colony end in tragedy, as the Titans shut off the colony's air purifier, loading it with G-3 nerve gas seized from Zeon at the end of the One Year War before turning it back on. The entire population of 30 Bunch, approximately 10 million souls, dies.

The Titans manage a total media blackout for around four months. When it finally comes out, the Titans are completely unpunished.

Seeing this as a sign of massive dysfunction within the Federation, colonial Federation members and sympathetic Earthnoids form the Anti Earth-Union Group, a separatist political organization advocating colonial freedom.

Efforts accelerate after several more incidents in which Federation forces either ignore the value of colonists' lives or outright kill peaceful protesters. The Titans gain a reputation as the worst of the lot, never doing anything quite as bad as 30 Bunch again (where anyone can see it) but even managing to bully regular EFSF forces to the point that inter-branch cooperation slows.

This time marks a hard shift in the power of pro-colonial voices. The AEUG's voice in the Federation Assembly is strong enough to confound efforts to "rein in" the PLANTs, leading to the election of several Zodiac Alliance representatives to the PLANT Supreme Council, including both Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala.

0086: The Orbital Elevator system is completed, enabling cheap movement of freight between Earth and space without a mass driver. While the third, La Tour, is in a functional state, improvements necessary to carry mobile weapons and large industrial equipment go unfinished, leaving it only suitable for population and small freight movement; the Union offers to provide monitoring and support via a nearby outpost as improvements are made.

Alordesh secedes from the OCU after a coup, becoming another independent non-Federation micronation.

The Titans are finally allocated to support the Photon Power Labs and Getter Team, and Dr. Hell is defeated.

0087: The Gryps Conflict occurs. Documentation of these events is murky, but the generally agreed-upon history is that the Titans attempted a coup, which was thwarted over the course of a three-way battle between the Titans, a returning Axis Zeon, and the AEUG. The AEUG receives surprising support from the Photon Power Labs and Saotome Labs after efforts by the Titans to take control of these branches of research.

Alien beings known as the Primevals attack the Earth. While the AEUG, Photon Power Labs, and Saotome Labs fight the Titans and Axis Zeon, Karaba and the Gutsy Geoid Guard defend Earth -- and later space -- from these threats, in what becomes known as the Primeval War.

Universal Century 0088-0093: War at Home, War Abroad

0088: Axis Zeon reforms into Neo Zeon. The First Neo Zeon War occurs, but is ultimately ended thanks in no small part to infighting within Zeon. Almost all organized response to Zeon aggression -- including Zeon's low-velocity colony drop on Dublin, Ireland -- comes from the AEUG, as the Federation military apparatus is more concerned with the third Gundam Fight.

The Mycenae Empire from which Dr. Hell borrowed his technology appears from within the Earth, and begins to make war against it. Like Neo Zeon, this problem goes unaddressed, and is left to the Photon Power Labs and the AEUG. Dr. Hell returns, albeit heavily changed, as the Great Marshal of Hell and replacement war-leader for the Mycenae. In the end, however, the Mycenae Empire is also defeated.

Federation forces are largely a shambles at this point. Member blocs elect to maintain their own standing armies rather than contribute to joint defense forces.

Over the next two years, the Federation army -- such as it is -- becomes a mix of small cross-bloc autonomous units like the Specials (later G-Hound) and Londo Bell, which answer to themselves and occasionally elements of the Federal Assembly, and local militias, which are answerable only to their state or bloc sponsors.

Neo Hong Kong, of the OCU, wins the 0088 Gundam Fight on the strength of Master Asia and his Kowloon Gundam. Prime Minister Wong Yun-fat becomes the Ruler of All Known Space.

0089: Intra-Federation strife begins, emboldened by the ongoing Neo Zeon conflict being solved with virtually no effort on their part. Wong Yun-fat proves uninterested in setting a conciliatory tone, and no nation can get the votes in the Federation to censure any kind of action. The Gundam Development Project is declassified during hearings on the Titans, and the reliance of Britannia on the North Britannian Breadbasket for food production is revealed to have been overstated during the Titans' formation. Absolutely nothing comes of this.

The Union invades OCU Japan for its natural resources; the fighting lasts a few short months due to a resource overcommitment to the Gundam Fight, and ends with the death of Japanese prime minister Genbu Kururugi under sketchy circumstances. The new Japanese prime minister, Gennosuke Yumi, calls for a ceasefire, ceding all of southwestern Japan save the Ryukyu Islands to the Union, which accepts. This loses Japan many of its natural resources, save for the primary deposit of japanium in Mt. Fuji.

0090: In December, The Dinosaur Empire returns and marches on New Yark City. Musashi Tomoe, pilot of Getter-3, crushes the machine's core, destroying the Dinosaur Empire army as well as much of Manhattan and Long Island. The Federation subsequently outlaws Getter ray-based technology.

0091: Throughout much of the ensuing year, Earth suffers an unprecedented period of extreme and destructive weather events. The Earth Federation government blames the destruction on Getter radiation released by the reactor's detonation, despite scientific outcry.

The Union and OCU, already shaky, nearly enter another shooting war, with near-daily fistfights in the Federation Assembly between representatives. The OCU is banned from accessing the solar power generated by the Orbital Ring as punishment. Japan shutters Saotome Labs completely and contributes to relief efforts, but this further strains both internal and external relations within the OCU and Union, and technological advances made on one side of the Pacific struggle to cross the pond.

The Gutsy Geoid Guard -- now the Gutsy Galaxy Guard -- defies Earth Federation orders. Federation Central Council member Rose Approval forwards a plan for their exile from the Earth Sphere. The official story of these events suggests that the Gutsy Galaxy Guard attempted a coup in the OCU and was exiled from the Earth Sphere.

A second Neo Zeon forms, led this time by decorated pilot Char Aznable. While it does not immediately enter a war footing, it does buy several derelict colonies and mining asteroids.

0092: The fourth Gundam Fight occurs, and is won by Neo-Japanese Fighter Domon Kasshu. Prime Minister Yumi refuses appointment to the position of Ruler of All Known Space, leaving Neo-Japanese Gundam Fight Commissioner Shin Karato to take the position.

No sooner is he sworn in than a large portion of the Neo-Japan colony is overtaken by the Devil Gundam, an environmental reclamation project which had gone horribly awry over the course of the last year and been substantially covered up by the Neo-Japanese government. The year closes with the threat of the Devil Gundam's descent to Earth looming.

0093: Complete chaos ensues.

Gundam Fight units and the Orbital Ring's local defense forces are left to handle Neo-Japan and the Devil Gundam themselves in a three-day battle. While the Devil Gundam is quickly defeated, this diverts resources and attention away from the problems the Devil Gundam kicks up.

Neo Zeon enters a war footing, seizing an opportunity to bombard the Earth with mining asteroids and derelict colonies. Several areas are hit, albeit mostly with small mining asteroids; the largest, Fifth Luna, destroys Lhasa, Tibet. Special task forces respond to these events, with small skirmishes between Neo Zeon and organizations like Londo Bell and what later becomes G-Hound becoming a constant.

After feigning contrition, Char is able to broker a peace with the Federation and purchase Axis back from the Federation military, ostensibly to use as a weapon of last resort, in exchange for a 90% disarmament of Neo Zeon.

Within weeks, Char instead declares total war on the Earth Federation, bombarding it with additional meteorites, revealing the majority of units in his disarmament plan to have been dummies, and eventually attempting to drop Axis on the Earth.

Millions of wealthy Earthnoids abandon the Orbital Ring, taking the Neo-Britannia and Neo-Hong Kong colonies and several Macross-class vessels with them for deep space colonization. Readings indicate the colonies themselves had been secretly equipped with Fold engines to escape the Earth Sphere in the event of catastrophe. Several Macross-class vessels, all docked with Neo-Britannia or Neo-Hong Kong after the recall, discover their Fold drives have been replaced with dummies.

The attempted drop is stopped by Federation forces as well as some Zeon elements, and the resultant rainbow across space comes to be known as the Axis Shock.

In the aftermath of the Axis Shock, Coordinators flock to the PLANTs amid anti-Coordinator sentiment. Ruler of All Known Space Shin Karato is seen as impotent for presiding over an astoundingly chaotic first year, and restoration of order within the Federation takes months. Earthnoids, orbital colony citizens, and spacenoids find something they can all agree on: now is a great time to riot.

Universal Century 0094-0096: The Present Takes Shape

0094: PLANT Chairman Siegel Clyne signs trade treaties in secret with several independent and semi-independent nations, ensuring that the PLANTs can feed themselves without direct support from the Federation apparatus. Emboldened, the PLANTs also purchase intact farm-sphere attachments from several now-destroyed O'Neill cylinder colonies. Riots in the PLANTs end.

An Endra-class cruiser repurposed as a shipping vessel, carrying food from Alordesh to the PLANTs, is shot down by AEU forces. The AEU claims to have mistaken it for a Neo Zeon vessel due to Minovsky interference, but two forensic aviation inquiries indicate the ship adhered to all regulations for decommissioned Zeonic vessels and was able to make a distress call that was picked up at sufficient distances to make the claim of interference impossible. Arms buildup in the PLANTs begins.

0095: In January, Alordesh rejoins the OCU, but only after receiving outsize economic considerations in hopes of quelling unrest. Rebel activity begins in Alordesh again in spite of this, however, as its dealings with the PLANTs ending in deaths leads to anti-Coordinator sentiment.

In February, a terrorist attack wipes out the Federal delegation before a treaty meeting to discuss a new food growth cap for the PLANTs. PLANT Chairman Siegel Clyne's shuttle is delayed in Von Braun airspace, leading to suspicion that PLANT is responsible; PLANT is formally ejected from the Federation days later. Junius Seven is destroyed in a nuclear explosion, and the Bloody Valentine Conflict begins. The Federation issues a formal, unified declaration of war for the first time in 16 years.

In April, the PLANT militia, ZAFT, performs a coordinated strike on areas of the Orbital Ring, destroying Neo-America's Statue of Liberty Cannon. The Neo Colonies are prioritized in energy restoration, leading to protests and demonstrations in Union and OAC-held territory on Earth, especially in former economic hubs like Brazil, Area 11, and northern Britannia. These protests -- including the ones in the OAC -- are crushed by Union military, and military officials come in to operate Earth-based manufacturing and industrial hubs, pushing out civilians. The OAC and AEU protest this in the Federation Assembly, but are unable to get the votes for any meaningful response.

Over the next month, ZAFT makes Earthfall, setting up forward bases in North Africa, Asia, and the AEU. The war does not move at the same fever pitch that the One Year War did, to the relief of the participants. ZAFT also makes repeated strikes on the moon. The Jovian Lizards begin to lay waste to the Earth, but curiously seem totally uninterested in engaging ZAFT in any way; their indiscriminate bombing runs are almost entirely confined to Federation holdings. Passive civilian deaths begin in the OAC and southern Britannia as home heating is unavailable in these regions during the winter; the OCU, meanwhile, copes by shifting greater load onto the Mt. Fuji Photon Power reactor.

In May, the Orb Union-produced flagship of Nergal Heavy Industries, the Nadesico, breaks through the weakened Earth Sphere defense grid without permission to go to Mars. Upon arrival in early October, it discovers that over 70% of the burgeoning Martian population is dead; virtually everywhere except Alba City and a handful of Zeonic holdings has been destroyed. This number is revised to 80% when the Jovian Lizards attack the Nadesico while it is attempting to evacuate the Martian refugees, leading to the destruction of the refugee holdout.

The conflict starts to find a holding pattern in June; while Jovian Lizard attacks are a constant threat and ZAFT continues to destroy the Earth's solar generation capacity as quickly as it can be rebuilt, neither side gains or loses much ground.

In July, the tone of the war shifts as independent actors begin to move. Gundams not affiliated with the Federation or ZAFT begin to take action against specific Federation forces, and Zeon remnants intervene on behalf of ZAFT. Londo Bell is mobilized to deal with the Zeon remnants, but organized response to these unaffiliated Gundams is confused at best. Efforts to predict their maneuvers are further compounded by the near-total lack of coordination in their movements.

Amid the chaos, an announcement comes to the Earth Sphere across countless channels: many of the Gundam-led assaults knifing through the war are the brainchild of Aeolia Schenberg, a man thought dead since before the beginning of the Universal Century. These attacks, he explains, come from Celestial Being -- an organization that has resolved to wage war not just on nations but on the concept of war itself.

Fixx Bloodman, the Councillor in Charge of Truth and Reconciliation, attempts to end the war with ZAFT diplomatically in hopes of stopping Celestial Being's attacks, asking Field Marshal Noventa to take many of the Federation's best negotiators and declare a ceasefire. Some of the independent Gundams arrive and shoot down Noventa's shuttle, but are defeated shortly thereafter. The loss of a second attempt to negotiate with ZAFT drives the war to a fever pitch.

In August, the Kyushu Zone comes out from its dense electromagnetic cloud, and the Great Jama Empire returns. They waste no time in striking out at the Earth, focusing on nearby Japan but striking several areas weakened by the war with ZAFT as well. Northern Africa is particularly hard-hit, with its Earth Cradle defensive project hammered by Great Jama attacks and put far behind schedule.

In October, unrest in Area 11 leads the Britannian Union to purge the Naka Ward of Nagoya. While the purge stops partway through, Viceroy Clovis la Britannia is killed in the fighting. Honorary Britannian Suzaku Kururugi is accused of being the murderer, only to be rescued on the way to his execution by a mysterious individual in a mask named Zero, claiming responsibility for the murder. This throws local Britannian forces into chaos, and marks the ascent of Zero's organization -- the Black Knights -- in the public consciousness.

Terrorist organization Grimnir rears its head in Alaska with a daring attack on JOSH-A that nearly succeeds. Free Japanese forces are spotted nearby, but claim to have been pursuing a retreating ZAFT dropship. Grimnir is defeated, and its leader, Morgan Bernard, is confirmed dead.

In November, several independent colonies are attacked by Zeon or ZAFT forces in the span of a few weeks. Orb-owned Heliopolis is destroyed after a ZAFT attack, while Anaheim-owned Industrial 7 fares somewhat better against the Zeon remnants. This exposes a variety of Federation secret projects.

Britannia begins reapportioning its Area 11 forces under new Viceroy Cornelia li Britannia and Sub-Viceroy Euphemia li Britannia; anti-alien forces -- largely integrated units with significant numbers of Honorary Britannian pilots -- are shifted to NERV, while Blue Cosmos-aligned forces are shipped off to G-Hound. While this does a fair amount to lower the temperature within the occupying Britannian military, it does nothing to appease the Black Knights -- and Build Base, the force monitoring the Kyushu Zone, actually takes the opportunity to throw its weight behind Zero.

At roughly the same time, the Nadesico returns from Mars, finally in contact once again. It returns to a world even deeper in the throes of war than it was when it left. Despite being an independent, Orb-based battleship, the Earth Federation demands to place observers with Nergal Heavy Industries; the company agrees, though it emphasizes that this working relationship only applies to attacks by the Jovian Lizards.

0096: 15 Jan: Play begins here.

Universal Century 0096: The Closing Thunder, The Coming Storm

January 0096

After being presumed dead for six years, Guy Shishioh of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard returns and brings with him a dire warning of the Oath Over Omega, or Triple Zero, a cosmic entity that has corrupted the rest of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard and turned them into a threat against all sentient life. NERV takes this knowledge and prepares, instating Guy as the acting Chief of 3G Green.

First contact is made with the mysterious city of Tsutsujidai, a difficult to access ward of Nouvelle Tokyo where history diverged after the One Year War and the Earthsphere has been at peace. Tsutsujidai is an anomaly, a place attacked by Kaiju regularly yet almost none of the residents seem aware of the fact.

Hostilities between ZAFT and the Federation continue in earnest, with ZAFT targeting Federation supply lines.

Triple Zero make their first offensive against the Earthsphere, with Ruin King J-Der assaulting a Federation base,

February 0096

The Black Knights and Mafty start striking Britannian and Federation assets across the Earthsphere, a declaration that the Black Knights war goes beyond just Area 11.

A lone Death Army unit attacks Nouvelle Tokyo, eliciting fear of a new Devil Gundam incident- but the threat of DG Cells never fully emerges.

The 7th Angel, Jehudiel, launches an attack on Tokyo-3 during transportation of Evangelion Unit-04 to NERV Japan from NERV Britannia after it nearly melts down during an activation tes]. A combined force of NERV and Londo Bell destroy the Angel in combat.

Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters launch an assault on the Federation's Bavaria base, showing their initial assaults were no fluke, and putting the Federation on the back foot.

March 0096

Kaiju originally only sighted in Tsutsujidai begin making appearances in Federation locations, targetting Federation assets.

Sheryl Nome, known as the Galactic Fairy, commences her first tour of the Earthsphere. Her initial pre-tour concert is interrupted by an attack by Zentradi extremists, but the terrorists are stopped before they can do any major damage. The rest of her concert tour goes from strength to strength.

The Sleeves attack a Federation installation on Von Braun, stealing a soon to be commissioned battleship and retreating.

April 0096

The Gathering to Unite Transnational Students (GUTS) is launched at an interschool council meeting in Japan. The organization gives students of GUTS schools more free movement- particularly between Area 11 and Japan- and strengthens bonds between students of nations across the Earthsphere.

The terrorist group A21- aided by members of the Black Knights- launch an attack on Area 11 using the giant Arm Slave Behemoth, destroying much of Nagoya's Docks before it is defeated by a combination of Britannian and Londo Bell forces, as well as a group of unidentified forces. This incident marks the first sighting of Mazinger Z on the battlefields of the Earth Sphere in ten years.

Renais Cardiff, corrupted by Triple Zero, launches an attack on Tsutsujidai. Her defeat reveals something: Those affected by Triple Zero can be purified of the corrupting influence and brought back to their senses. This leads to 3G embarking on a new strategy to save their lost friends.

May 0096

An Island emerges from the Kyushu Zone, causing conflict between NERV and the Black Knights' Build Base who both try to take the territory to confirm what it is. In reality, the island is the 8th Angel Jophiel, controlled by the magic of the Jama Empire. After a severe fight, the Angel is destroyed through the combined effort of NERV and the Black Knights.

A kaiju attacks the Federation's Ptolemaus base, and is destroyed by defenders from the Federation and Nergal Heavy Industries. The mastermind behind the plots, ZAFT Pilot Riika Sheder is captured and interrogated by the Nadesico, but ultimately released back to ZAFT.

The lone Death Army unit reappears, this time in Side 2, launching an attack on the Plants, assisted by a new type of Kaiju. The attacker is again routed, without leaving any trace of DG Cells.

June 0096

Science criminal activity increases as Tsutsujidai kaiju start to appear in the OCU and AEU, targeting a range of different locations with no clear through line on their targets. These culminate in an assault by a giant Kaiju on Tokyo-3. At the same time, the more flamboyant Energy Thief, Julia Ampere, starts performing elaborate heists on Federation assets,

A battle between ZAFT and the Federation on the orbital ring is interrupted by the appearance of the Vajra, an insectoid alien species. Both sides are forced to cooperate to drive off the monstrous aliens.

July 0096

A docked cruise ship comes under attack by a Mechasaur of the Dinosaur Empire. In response, NISAR launch their new project: Neo Getter Robo. After the battle, NISAR's Hayato Jin assures backers that the ban on Getter Research has not been contravened, as this new Getter Robo uses Plasma Energy rather than Getter Rays.

A kaiju attack on Tsutsujidai reveals the truth of the mysterious city- it is a false creation, existing outside of reality. This revelation causes further changes, as overnight Tsutsujidai ceases to be part of Nouvelle Tokyo, instead becoming a PLANT- as it always was in the minds of the residents.

The lone Death Army Unit- the Death Knight- is defeated in battle for the final time in Nouvelle Tokyo. Within 24 hours, Tokyo-3 comes under attack by a Namegon kaiju with the capabilities of an Angel without being an Angel itself.

August 0096

NERV's Geofront comes under attack by the forces of Triple Zero. The attempt to destroy the MAGI is repelled by NERV and their allies, but it reveals a vulnerability in NERV's armour.

Preparations for the Inaugural GUTS Deculture Festival are interrupted by the attack of a Dragon like Kaiju on the the Macross Frontier. The Deculture Festival is plagued by similar attacks in Tsutsujidai and beyond, but ultimately withstands the attacks. During these attacks, 3G's GaoFighGar is destroyed, leaving 3G without it's strongest weapon against Triple Zero.

September 0096

G-Hound make a move on BioNet installations in the REA's Khanka region, seen as the organization making good on their commitment to force out corruption in the Federation.

Dr Hell's Lieutenants, Count Brocken and Baron Ashura, reappear on the Earthsphere despite being confirmed dead nearly a decade before. Their plots seem petty and small, but nonetheless represent real concerns.

The 9th Angel advances on Tokyo-3 and is believed destroyed.

BioNet launch a combined assault on Paris, but infighting among the group and a response by assorted forces manage to defeat the attack before too much damage is caused. At least one BioNet agent is confirmed killed by the responders.

Australia's Torrington Base falls under attack by the Sleeves in an attempt to find the coordinates for Laplace's Box, launching the devastatingly powerful Shamblo. What is initially a pitched battle is joined by multiple forces- the Shuffle Alliance, Londo Bell and Celestial Being all deploy agents for their own agendas. This is derailed when the Nu Gundam, piloted by the presumed dead Amuro Ray descends onto the battlefield with the intent of destroying the Unicorn Gundam. Empowered and corrupted by Triple Zero, Amuro devastates the defenders while Loni Garvey in the Shamblo lays waste to the rest. Torrington and it's nuclear stockpile are destroyed completely, and the Shamblo retreats along with the Nu Gundam. The Federation tries to shut down rumours that the man who stopped Axis had reappeared, but whispers spread from those who survived the battle.

October 0096

An Angel believed to be the 10th Angel Ophaniel attacks the remains of Side 5, but NERV's attempts to assault it are interrupted by an entity identied only as the Glow Cloud. In combat, Ophaniel falls- but whether it is truly the 10th Angel or a new form of the 9th causes concern in NERV's ranks.

A number of NERV and Shuffle Alliance staff suddenly and mysteriously move to Tsutsujidai, abandoning their responsibilities and settling into quiet lives- often after damaging their former agencies. It denotes a sudden change in the personalities of those who relocate, causing suspicion that these moves were the result of enemy action.

November 0096

ZAFT launch Operation Spitbreak, an attack on JOSH-A with intent to destroy Federation Military HQ in Alaska. While ZAFT launch a sudden blitz attack, Britannia are unusually prepared. The base is engulfed in a MIDAS detonation, the WMD reducing JOSH-A and a large number of ZAFT and Federation forces to a crater. ZAFT and the Federation accused each other of planting the MIDAS, but neither side took responsibility.

Triple Zero launch three simultaneous attacks, with Mic Sounders the 13th assaulting the Frontier Fleet, Amuro Ray and the newly corrupted Loni Garvey assaulting Zum City, and Volfogg and Gridman Sigma attacking Orbit Base. None of the attacks are feints, but while the Orbit Base and Frontier attacks are defeated, the attack on Zum City results in Triple Zero getting what they want.

One day after Triple Zero's assault, the Ninth Angel attacks Tokyo-3 on multiple fronts. Depleted by the sudden departure of multiple Eva pilots, NERV are forced to call to aid, but Sandalphon, which is confirmed to have dummied what was originally assumed to be the 10th Angel, is eventually felled for good.

Triple Zero forces appear in Tsutsujidai to defend one of the local Kaiju, but are routed. Following the battle, the people who had suddenly moved to Tsutsujidai return to their normal lives.

Londo Bell Captain Lilith Aiden goes rogue and attacks the wedding of Elisa Kafim and Yuliana Dispersal. The fallout greatly damages Londo Bell's morale, and puts undue pressure on the independent bloc, and is often seen as the first nail in the coffin. As a result, Captain Aiden is stripped of her rank and imprisoned, but Londo Bell's reputation is damaged beyond repair.

ZAFT accuse Test Pilot Riika Sheder of collaborating with the Federation on the MIDAS Incident at JOSH-A, trying her in absenita as a traitor and war criminal, and send a squadron to dispose of her.

One day after the final battle of the Survival Eleven, multiple anti-Federation forces descend on a train transporting a group of Britannian and AEU Gundam Fighters to the finals. The Black Knights, ZAFT, BioNet and the Sleeves are identified among the attackers, and several countries are forced to withdraw from the Gundam Fight.

This attack leads to the cancellation of the Gundam Fight, with Neo-Japan continuing as the rulers of All Known Space.

December 0096

The Colony of Tsutsujidai suddenly closes itself off from the outside world completely, trapping a number of GUTS Students and 3G, NERV and Shuffle Operatives inside the colony. The colony begins to fail, and the residents finally become aware of their true nature- they are artificial beings, created at the behest of that world's god- a girl named Akane Shinjo.

Following the disappearance of many commanders and officers in Tsutsujidai, an uneasy alliance is formed between Celestial Being, the Black Knights and the Shuffle Alliance.

The abandoned Denver Colony in Side 6 draws the attention of the forces of Londo Bell, G-Hound, ZAFT, Celestial Being, the Shuffle Alliance and the Sleeves due to the appearance of the Phenex Gundam. A battle breaks out between the gathered forces, but sudden Minovsky interference traps those who had engaged in battle on the Colony. After a second battle, Denver Colony's reactor is stabilized through a psychoframe miracle and reactivated, but the colony itself remains off limits.

G-Hound forces occupy a PLANT colony, led by a Blue Cosmos commander. After taking the colony, the G-Hound forces 'go rogue' and use the PLANTS occupants as slave labor on a new battleship, working many PLANT civilians to death. A group of 'investigative reporters' manage to infiltrate the PLANT and reveal the depths of the occupiers' crimes.

Universal Century 0097: The Encroaching Dawns, The Enshrouding Darkness

January 0097

Somehow, Dr Hell returns. Making an appearance at a Yumi Foundation Fundraiser, Dr Hell declares himself a changed man. In the following days, Dr Hell makes multiple shows of philanthropism, and causes a lot of talk in the Federation upper echelons.

A Kaiju is summoned in the remains of JOSH-A by REA Captain Yuliana Kafim and her wife Elisa Kafim. The Twin Dragon Tolsivya is banished by its creators, but the threat of 'Void Kaiju' is more than established.

The Battleship Cerberus, created for G-Hound in a PLANT Colony under forced labor, is launched. A combined ZAFT/Shuffle Alliance force launches and destroys the battleship- ensuring the death of all Blue Cosmos personnel on board.

Following increasing hostilities between Celestial Being and the Federation, Blue Cosmos Colonel Wilbur Garland commandeers the Macross 13 to turn it on a Celestial Being outpost. During the battle, Garland's role in a number of false flag operations is revealed, and the Macross 13 retreats. Garland launches a second attack on Pendragon, but dies in the assault- however, the Macross 13 retreats from the battlefield on it's own.

After a ZAFT attack disables a Federation Mass Driver at Panama, the Federation declares war on Orb with the intent to conquer the independent nation and take their Mass Driver for their own. This leads to a mass defection from Londo Bell to Orb, and the Federation is routed. Following this, the Three Ships Alliance is formed between Eight York's Ra Mari II, Lacus Clyne's Eternal and Nergal's Nadesico (Captained by Yurika Misumaru). This is the death knell for Londo Bell, and the formation of a third force in the ZAFT/Federation war.

Within Tsutsujidai, Akane Shinjo- the god of Tsutsujidai- is forcibly turned into a Kaiju by Alexis Kerib, while Triple Zero forces of Gridman Sigma and Amuro Ray attack the combined defenders of Tsutsujidai. A second Giant of Light, Gridknight enters the battle, and through the efforts of those close to her, Akane Shinjo is saved, and the Triple Zero forces are routed- and Amuro Ray is purified of Triple Zero's corruption. Following this, 3G manage to anchor Tsutsujidai to reality through the use of the Dimensional Pliers, allowing those trapped to finally return to reality.

The Federation launch an all out assault on the PLANTS following the Cerberus incident. This leads Chairman Patrick Zala to authorising the firing of ZAFT's superweapon, Genesis, wiping out a significant portion of the fleet. In the battle that follows, Chairman Zala is killed and ZAFT's Rau Le Creuset is killed in battle and Genesis destroyed by the Three Ships Alliance, signifying an official end to PLANT/Federation hostilities.

February 0097

An REA Research facility- the Institute for Continuing Study- comes under attack by a combined Shuffle Alliance, G-Hound and Celestial Being assault force. The institute is destroyed after a fierce battle and many- but not all- of its unwilling human subjects rescued. The revelation of what was occurring in the Institute is a significant loss of face for the REA. The REA shifts the blame to the Nega Force- an REA Black Ops unit- setting the blame for the works of the institute squarely at the feet of Major Pham Van Vinh and the Institute's head, Dr Divya Devi, .

An alliance of convenience is formed between the Sleeves and the Three Ships Alliance following an assault on their forces by the RX-0 Banshee. The two groups are not exactly eager to work together, but recognize the threat represented by the Vist Foundation and the Federation. The RX-0 Banshee Gundam appears again on many battlefields, under the control of a pilot designated as 'Puru-1', targeting the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, it's pilot Banagher Links and the heir to Zeon, Mineva Lao Zabi.

March 0097

Char Aznable, brought back into this world by the will of Cosmic Law and his soul polluted by Triple Zero's corruption, descends upon Hong Kong. A small group consisting of Sayla Mass, Domon Kasshu, Guy Shishioh and Kamille Bidan launch an ambush on him, but are defeated by the Sazabi. In the aftermath, Sayla Mass is taken by Aznable, who retreats to Palau and takes over the Asteroid Base, infecting a number of Sleeves troops with Triple Zero.

A battle between the Federation and a number of ZAFT remnants is interrupted first by the Banshee and Unicorn Gundams, and then by the Glow Cloud, which reveals itself to be an Angel and is designated the true 10th Angel, Duma. Duma uses its capabilities to put a stop to the battle before vanishing.

April 0097

Char Aznable declares an intent to finish what he started at Axis, by enacting a Colony Drop on Earth during Palau. The Sleeves, Three Ships Alliance and Celestial Being all launch for differing reasons to stop Palau, and Char Aznable launches to meet them, supported by Triple Zero's forces. A second group, led by Leina Ashta, infiltrates Palau to rescue Sayla Mass- and a forced to fight Loni Garvey and her Shamblo- defeating and purifying her. Char is defeated, but escapes before he can be purified, and the Sleeves retake Palau. On Earth, the terrorist Asciel Colette emerges with the Macross 13, intending to use it to destroy Palau before it can hit Earth, but her attempt is interrupted by a group of Shuffle and 3G Forces, supported by the reformed Dr Hell.

Yuliana Kafim founds the Silent Calling, a religious organization based around the concept of the inviolable self and focusing on community outreach. The Silent Calling grows swiftly, spreading word of newtypes and cyber-newtypes, and offering to help those afflicted with the 'condition' of newtypism.

The Black Knights launch an operation in Seattle, killing Federation Settlement Councilor Ronan Marcenas, but the battle is interrupted by the arrival of the Unicorn, Banshee and Char Aznable. The Black Knights escape having successfully killed one of their three targets.

Following Marcenas' death, the Federation passed the ELASTIC Act, marking the areas surrounding orbital elevators as Special Districts administered by the Benerit Group, causing tensions to rise within the OAC and OCU.

The movie Bird Human, notable for the fact that it brings Ranka Lee into the public eye for her role as Mao Nome, releases in theatres after a rocky production. Ranka Lee's subsequent debut concert breaks records, and the young idol rockets into stardom at an unnaturally fast rate, earning her the nickname of the Super-Dimensional Cinderella. This is largely credited to her mass appeal and clean image. At about the same time, Sheryl Nome, who had sung Bird Human’s opening theme, puts on a promotional concert for the movie. At its end, she announces a hiatus to finish flight school.

May 0097

Michelle Luio of Luio and Co. lures the Phenex Gundam to the college colony Metis in an effort to capture it. The Sleeves descend on Metis in the II Neo Zeong, as does the Banshee Gundam, piloted by Puru-1. The colony is engulfed in battle, but the efforts of the Three Ships Alliance mitigate damage. The Banshee retrieves the Phenex for Luio and Co, and the II Neo Zeong takes- or is taken- by Jona Basta in his Narrative Gundam. In the ensuing chaos Zoltan Akkanen, the leader of the assault, disappears, evacuated from the scene by Yuliana Kafim.

The mining asteroid Ra Shalom sends out a distress call before going silent. Responders to the distress call reveal a spacetime anomaly consuming the asteroid, and Yuliana Kafim in her new unit, the Threshold Empress Emptear, and Elisa Kafim's Eclipse Dragon, T'maakva. The Kafims are routed and T'maakva destroyed, and Ra Shalom saved, but the Kafim's ritual was partially successful- drawing the attention of something from beyond this world.

Banagher Links and his allies head to Dakar to unlock the final coordinates of Laplace's Box. The Banshee Gundam and the Vist Foundations Garuda and Mu Gundam are waiting for them, and Char Aznable enters the battlefield. Aznable is defeated and purified, but a number of revelations shake the battlefield- Puru-1's true identity as the brainwashed Leina Ashta, Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjo forced to fight for the Vist Foundation against their will, Sayla Mass' identities as the Shuffle Alliance's 'Heart-2' and Artesia Som Deikun- Char Aznable's sister. After having severely depleted the attackers, Martha Vist-Carbine threatens to execute Leina, forcing Banagher and Mineva to hand themselves and the Unicorn over to the Vist Foundation, and 3G's Alouette Pommier taken as an additional hostage.

During the incident in Dakar, Triple Zero and Alexis Kerib launch simultaneous assaults on Nouvelle Tokyo's transport hub in an attempt to corrupt the ciy. Despite a swarm of Zero Robos and Triple Zero Corrupted Kaiju, the forces of NERV and the Gridman Alliance manage to save Nouvelle, but it means important allies for Dakar are occupied.

In the following days, the hostages aboard the Garuda manage to take over the ship thanks to the ingenuity of those taken prisoner, and the long road to recovery begins. Puru-1 and the Banshee disappear after a battle over the ocean with Char Aznable.

June 0097

The Black Knights and the Britannian Union both surface in Paradigm City, where they clash with each other and the threat of Big Fau, but no side manages a decisive victory in the unnatural city.

The alliance between the Sleeves and the Three Ships Alliance collapses violently when the Sleeves attempt to take the Ra Mari II. Having acquired the coordinates to Laplace's Box, the Sleeves commence a race to a secret that could destroy the federation. Puru-1 and the Banshee reemerge in the middle of a battle between the Federation, and Judau Ashta and Banagher Links launch into combat to rescue Leina from her brainwashing. Their combined efforts, along with the hearts of Leina's loved ones break the control, saving Leina and taking away Vist's biggest advantage in the race for Laplace's Box.

July 0097

The 11th Angel, Sahaquiel attacks Tokyo-3 and is destroyed for its efforts, two teams launching simultaneously to destroy it.

The TDD-1 Tuatha de Danaan- known to the Federation navy as the Toy Box, an urban legend of a submarine- is infiltrated by the mercenary Gauron on behalf of Amalgam. The TDD-1 surfaces, firing guided missiles at a number of important Federation locations for no reason other than to seemingly draw attention. While the missiles are shot down, forces from a number of factions converge on the Tuatha de Danaan. Before it can be captured or destroyed, the crew seize control of the Tuatha de Danaan, and Gauron is forced off the vessel and presumed killed following the Tuatha de Danaan launching spaceward.

August 0097

The Tenth Angel Duma attempts to bring peace to the Earthsphere- by shutting down the minds of every living being within it. Gridman and Gridman Sigma attempt to find a peaceful resolution to the situation, but both Duma and NERV reject it. NERV orders Duma's extermination, and with Gridknight's aid, the Evangelion pilots attempt to carry it out, but a mysterious wolf-shaped Evangelion unaffiliated with NERV interrupts the battle to seal Duma first and carry it off to parts unknown.

A group of scientists attached to The School launch an attack on Indonesia's Barilar Farm, using units fitted with B Type devices. While the perpetrators escape, they are hunted down to Khanka by 3G and the Shuffle Alliance. Following this pressure, and G-Hound turning on them, many of the School's leadership vanish and the staff scatter. The 3G and Shuffle investigation eventually leads to Asteroid BB-1120 'Hellgate', where Wilhelm von Juergan unleashes the final product of that B Type Research, before falling in battle.

The Sleeves make a final last stand to buy time for Full Frontal to reach Laplace's Box, led by Angelo Sauper and his Rozen Zulu, but they are unable to stop Banagher, Mineva and Leina reaching Magallanica and Laplace's Box first. Inside, the secret is revealed- a clause on the Federation charter that was hidden from the public after the assassination of the ratifying council. Full Frontal launches to fight those who would stand in his way, but he is defeated by those who have decided to look to the future. Martha Vist-Carbine forces Riddhe Marcenas to authorize the firing of the Gryps-2 laser. 3G and the Shuffle Alliance take the Federation's Cheyenne base, arresting Martha Vist-Carbine and her conspirators, but are unable to stop the firing. The hearts of those in space, united by the Psychoframe in the RX-0 units form a barrier, deflecting it, while Mineva Lao Zabi used Magallanica's advanced communications system to reveal the truth of Laplace's Box to the Earthsphere, finally destroying the Vist Foundation's hold over the federation.

Alexis Kerib finally enacts the final part of his plan, stabbing Knight in front of Akane and absorbing her into himself in her moments of anguish. The empowered Alexis takes his time beating Gridman, but the hearts of those closest to Akane reach out to her- and eventually convince her to take the outreached hands. Rikka Takarada pulls Akane from Alexis', and those gathered force Alexis onto the back foot allowing Gridman to unleash the Grid Fixer Beam, sealing Alexis away and mending Tsutsujidai- and the heart of the one it was made for. Following the battle, Gridman leaves for the Hyper World, leaving the Neon Genesis Junior High Students to look after Tsutsujidai and the world. After the battle, Sakura Akamatsu is found to be missing from 3G's care.

September 0097

A Federation team moves into Denver Colony to seize control of a large supply of helium-3 gas and take the Colony from the Sleeves remnants. Instead, both factions come under attack by a group consisting of the Phenex Gundam, Yuliana Kafim, Zoltan Akkanen, Michele Luio and Shelby Korts, who are intending to stop the helium-3 tanks being weaponized by Jona Basta and the II Neo Zeong. Instead, the ghosts trapped in Denver Colony awaken, and the incident becomes a slaughter, even if Yuliana is able to protect her allies. Beltorchika Irma contacts the Three Ships Alliance, requesting aid for Denver. When they arrive, the Jona Basta in the II Neo Zeong is there, controlling Sayaka Yumi and Liam 7-020 to fight against their will. Through a fierce battle, Rita Bernal, Michelle Luio, Zoltan Akkanen and Yuliana Kafim manage to reach Jona, and grant him peace and put a seeming end to the II Neo Zeong- but Rena Lancaster is possessed by the ghosts of Denver who reform the II Neo Zeong around her using shards of unstable psychoframe, seeking an end to everything. In the battle that comes, the ghosts of Denver Colony's experiments are convinced to move on, finally putting an end to the dark tale of Denver Colony.

After months of silence, Triple Zero move again, launching an attack on Fujinomiya City to turn Mt Fuji into a weapon that could obliterate Orbit Base. AnRyu, KouRyu and Goldymarg launch an assault on the Photon Power Labs, but are halted and purified- but in the midst of the battle, the giant Mazinger 'Infinity' disappears, and Dr Hell's Kikaiju take Mt Fuji and the Photon Power Research Institute.

An electromagnetic phenomenon knocks out communication across the Earthsphere, and while the system recovers, Earth's communication is impacted for months. The source

of the phenomenon is tracked to Jupiter, and called 'The Invisible Burst'.

The Evangelion Unit-03 test launch goes horribly wrong, with Unit-03 corrupted by the Eleventh Angel while Pilot Asuka Shikinami Langley is trapped inside. Eva Unit-00’s pilot Rei Ayanami attempts to drive the Angel away from everyone else by activating Unit-00’s self-destruct sequence, seemingly killing her in the process, but only buys a little time. When Shinji Ikari refuses to fight the Eva containing Asuka, Gendo Ikari activates the Dummy Plug system, and Unit-01 goes berserk killing the Angel and destroying Asuka's entry plug in the process. In the aftermath of the incident, Shinji Ikari leaves NERV, and a permanent rift is driven between 3G and NERV. Rei and Asuka are later reported within NERV to be alive, but are kept under strict medical watch and not allowed visitors.

Yuliana Kafim launches an attack on Colombo, Sri Lanka with the intent of killing Sri Lanka's Prime Minister. However, she doesn't manage to kill anyone she intends to kill, and the collateral damage she causes allows the REA to place its people under Martial Law after Yuliana is driven off.

An AEU backed energy project in Azadistan is assaulted by a group of insurgents wanting to push the Federation out of Azadistan. Celestial Being descend to interfere- at the same time, Mithril launch an operation to recover the traitor who opened the Tuatha de Danaan to vulnerability. Azadistan becomes a warzone overnight, as Amalgam operatives go rogue and unleash destruction on the small country- but in the end, Azadistan stood, and Amalgam's agents did not.

The OCU and OAC announce their formal withdrawal from the Federation, withdrawing their funding of Cross Bloc Units and causing unrest through Federation and non-Federation nations both.

3G's Division Train leaves the Earthsphere for Jupiter via Mars, to deal with the source of the Invisible Burst- the entity known as the King of Ruin: A corrupted Genesic GaoGaiGar.

After finally developing a new Fold Engine, a Macross-class from the Frontier with the assistance of the Nadesico launches for the Gallia-IV system to learn more about the Vajra, and perhaps find their source. The expedition includes superstars Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee.

The Macross 13 controlled by Asciel Colette descends upon Mt Fuji as she decides she cannot countenance Dr Hell's intentions- but she is too slow to stop him enacting his plans. Asciel tries to fend off the Photon Power League and Cathedra, but she ultimately yields to her attackers.

October 0097

Yuliana Kafim launches an attack of Ambon in REA Territory- but this time she goes to lengths to avoid unnecessary casualties- until she catches sight of Gayatri D'Cruze, a young and gifted REA Engineer trying to prevent what she suspects is going to be the result of Yuliana's attack. A group of REA and Shuffle Alliance forces deploy to stop Yuliana, but her goal seems met- an unnatural flower blooms throughout Ambon, impervious to damage- and Gayatri D'Cruze has disappeared during the fighting, something the REA is more than prepared to blame Yuliana for, true or not. During this battle, the Federation fields GN-X units for the first time.

The Gallia IV expedition reaches their destination, setting up camp. Unbeknownst to them, the planet is inhabited and they find themselves making first contact with the Zuvorg Alliance, an interstellar civilization. To further positive relations, Sheryl Nome puts on a concert, which is received with great enthusiasm. In response, Ranka Lee arranges a second concert at a later date to further display the diversity of 'deculture' to the Zuvorg Alliance.

The Division Train arrives on Mars, where they are beset by the Red Dragon syndicate who take control of the Kaiju Anosillus the First and kidnap a number of 3G members. While Anosillus and the kidnapped crew are saved, BioNet's attacks slow down the Division Train's departure.

Celestial Being launch an attack on Gryps-2, deciding that such a weapon cannot be kept in Federation hands. The attack is ultimately repelled- the first time that Celestial Being's advanced Gundams have faced such a loss.

A Void Kaiju created by Elisa Kafim emerges from the Burger Fiend Restaurant, bent on destroying an Imperial Villa. It is beaten back by a mix of Britannian and Shuffle Alliances forces, with the Villa damaged but not destroyed, however an unearthly flower grows in its gardens.

3G Green's Saginomiya Pauvre Kamuy, Urchin Prickle and Tamara Gogol succumb to Algernon and try to destroy the Division train. Urchin Prickle and Tamara Gogol are able to be subdued and put into medbay in time to attempt treatment, but Kamuy is killed by his Algernon. Despite this, Hinoki Sai is able to use Kamuy's brainmatter to develop a cure to Algernon.

November 0097

Relena Peacecraft, lost heir to the Sanc Kingdom, opens a school in the now rebuilding kingdom. From there, she espouses her family’s philosophy of total pacifism. Her success is limited, but not without impact.

The Kyushu Zone expands, absorbing Build Base and a significant part of Area 11. The areas covered by the Kyushu Zone are completely cut off from the rest of the world.

The Hua Lian Rebels in the DHZ are soundly defeated when the mobile fortress Tianlei razes their headquarters. Survivors scatter, but the DHZ’s main target- Kwang Ming, supposed son of former DHZ chairman Ming- disappears after the fighting.

Yuliana Kafim targets the base of Zaftra's Chobu Squad, this time prepared for war. Sergei Smirnov, the Wild Boar of Zaftra attempts to stop her, and destroys his base in a failed attempt to destroy the flower Yuliana plants.

The Division Train approaches Jupiter, to find the planet compressed to a tiny sphere- and are attacked by the corrupted form of ChuuRyu, the Super AI Brave Robo Satellite sent to monitor Jupiter. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to purify the AI, who destroys himself in an unsuccessful effort to corrupt GaoGaiGar.

Elisa Kafim assaults the Orb Union- the nation that she once called her own- aiming to rain destruction upon them. While she is fended off, she plants another of those flowers, which grows unimpaired to its full size.

The Gallia IV expedition comes under attack from a force of unidentified Variable Fighters while trying to retrieve an important cargo. The attackers are thwarted, and the expedition finds a shipment of Fold Quartz- and a data device that might reveal the source of their attackers.

December 0097

Princess Euphemia li Britannia announces the formation of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan to replace Area 11. While the move is met with confusion on both sides of the Britannian/Japanese conflict, an earnest attempt is made. However, at the launch of the Special Administrative Zone, Princess Euphemia orders the massacre of the Japanese. The Black Knights attempt to save who they can, but many 'Elevens' are killed in the battle. Zero, the Leader of the Black Knights, executes Euphemia himself, declaring the Special Administrative Zone a trap to flush out the Black Knights. In the following weeks, Euphemia earns the monikers of 'Bloodstained Euphie' and 'The Massacre Princess'.

The day after the massacre in Area 11, the Kafims reveal the culmination of their schemes- a ritual to summon The Empress At The End Of All Things into this world. The ritual is successful, but Yuliana is convinced to reverse the ritual before it completes, with the aid of Rena Lancaster. The Empress' way is sealed once again, but the North Pole is forever changed- the ice glowing green, infused with the power of the void.

Area 11 is placed under martial law by Viceroy Cornelia li Britannia, with a special focus on Nagoya. Concentrated efforts to smoke out and destroy the Black Knights begin, and fighting in the streets becomes a regular occurrence.

At Gallia IV, the expedition comes under attack from the ZAFT Vessel Socrates, that has somehow pursued them without fold travel. The Socrates destroys the Nadesico's sister ship, the Shakuyaku, but is driven back before they can destroy the Y-Unit which is salvaged by the Nadesico.

The Photon Power League and their allies launch an assault on the Photon Power Research Institute, hoping to drive Dr Hell's forces from the place. Baron Ashura and Count Brocken come to the defense- while Triple Zero's Ruin Generals GouRyuuJin and GenRyuuJin strike at the same time, to destroy anyone who gets in the way of their destroying the possibility represented by Goragon. Ashura and Brocken are killed, but Dr Hell activates Goragon. Within Goragon, those within range of the effect are exposed to countless possibilities that could have been- but in the end, the possibility they choose are this one. Dr Hell and Infinity are destroyed in a climactic battle, hopefully for the final time.

The Division Train are forced to face Ruin King J-Der and the Silverion Crusher, a hammer with the capability to destroy a planet with a single impact. Through the combined efforts of the Division Train's forces, the Silverion Crusher is stopped and a small strike team infiltrates King J-Der to purify Soldato J-002 and Tomoro-117.

Following the destruction of Silverion Crusher, the final Ruin Apostles- Takeshi Todo, in the body of Gridman Sigma and Mikoto Utsugi, retaking the form of Zonuda- stand in their way to face them. After two vicious, heated battles, Mikoto and Takeshi are purified, and all the missing members of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard are able to return home.

A sudden attack on the Ravnui Embassy in Shanghai leads to the death of the DHZ’s Chariman Jie Bo Liao and Ravui’s Ambassador Bal Gorbovsky. In the wake of the deaths, the DHZ’s authoritarian faction cements their grip on power.

Boazonia's Go Family seek refuge on the Nadesico and Macross Quarter, and the decision to provide them shelter draws the ire of the Boazanian Empire, and Boazania's Prince Heinel is sent to retrieve them. The Matriarch of the Go Family sacrifices herself so her children may live, and the Boazanians are forced to retreat.

Ranka Lee's concert for the Gallia Expedition is interrupted by an attack by the Vajra, and Ranka herself is kidnapped by the Vajra- and in the immediate aftermath, an explosion engulfs the Zuvorg Military Academy on Gallia-IV, and then the entire planet. The expedition escape just barely, using the Vajra's fold windows, which take them all back to Earth orbit. A small force dives into the Vajra ship to retrieve Ranka, while the rest of the expedition fights to destroy the Vajra fleet before it reaches Earth proper. This culminates in the firing of the Nadesico's Y-Unit- a weapon so powerful that it's targets simply cease to exist- while Sheryl and Ranka perform together to rally the troops to great effect. Afterwards, they both collapse, but the battle is won and the Gallia Expedition officially returns to Earth.

One final obstacle awaits the Division Train- the King of Ruin himself, Genesic GaoGaiGar. When the battle commences, a JEF Helium-3 Tanker corrupted by Triple Zero launches for Earth while a Zero Robo made up of a swarm of Jovian Lizards splits up the Division Train forces. During the battle, Sakura Akamatsu is detected within Genesic GaoGaiGar, and with great effort, the Division Train forces manage to isolate and rescue her, and fell King of Ruin Genesic GaoGaiGar and retrieve and purify Galeon, as well as wiping out the other threats. In the aftermath, the gate to Orange Site is closed by King J-Der, and the spirits of Leo and Kizuna Shishioh say their farewells and become one with Orange Site and the nascent universe. With this, Triple Zero and The Power are seemingly eradicated from the universe, and the threat posed by the King of Ruin is dealt with. The Division Train sets off back to Earth and returns two weeks later on New Year’s Eve.

Universal Century 0098: The Shifting Earth

January 0098

After being released from the hospital, Sheryl Nome announces a semi-return from her hiatus to start composing music again with a planned full return after her graduation. As part of this semi-return, she also announces an amateur songwriter competition for her fans that will run from January to September; the winners will get to have her sing and record their songs. Rumors about ill health are either ignored or denied as gross exaggerations.

The Kyushu Zone recedes and disappears, returning the area to as it was fifty years ago- complete with the civilians who were lost back then. The culture shock of being Britannian Numbers instead of Japanese Citizens causes a lot of unrest and pushback, and Britannia’s martial law in Area 11 is stretched thin, leading to an influx of Britannian troops into Area 11 to keep control of the region. Separated from the Black Knights and exhausted after the Kyushu Campaign, Build Base begins covert efforts to protect the people of Kyushu, biding their time for the moment.

April 0098

The OCU and OAC's official participation in the Federation is ended, and with it is the Federation. In its place rises the New United Nations Earth (NUNE), consisting of the Britannian Union, the Advanced European Union, the Republic of East Asia. The Space Assembly League, a bloc formed of several Sides, the Orbital Ring, and the Macross Fleets, signs on with NUNE, as does the West Africa Community Union. At the same time, rumors spread of conspiracies within and without NUNE.  What future awaits the Earth Sphere now?