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"Due to the export of revolution and war throughout Europe, a man named Napoleon managed to seize much power and authority. Alas, the people feared that he would become another tyrant, and they put him to death. This was the turning point of Europe's history, and with this the AEU became a democratic region."

The Advanced European Union

The Advanced European Union's territory covers all of continental Europe excluding Scandinavia as well as a handful of Middle Eastern holdings, as well as Great Britain (but not other United Kingdom entities). The AEU is one of the more conventionally democratic power blocs in the Federation, though it has a modest amount of residual pseudo-aristocracy. Individual AEU member nations are prohibited from maintaining excessively large military forces except for anti-alien interventions, but rather than actually encourage minimal military spending, this has made the AEU a mercenary's paradise; during the Impact Wars, the AEU established the micronation of Moralia to serve as a private military company coordination hub.

The AEU's mineral resources were pillaged by Zeon during the One Year War, and as a result, the AEU has come to rely heavily on the OAC economically. AEU member nations have also enjoyed little protection from their stronger counterparts, with both the Republic of East Asia and the Britannian Union taking turns at "liberating" AEU members during conflicts and "coincidentally" causing chain reactions leading to governments being deposed.

Political Situation

The average person on the street in the Advanced European Union has a complex relationship with the Federation system. On the one hand, it's almost certainly what got the Organization of African Consolidation to come to the table with them at all; on the other, the real meat-and-potatoes, non-existential benefits of participation in the apparatus mostly accrue to the AEU's elite. Accordingly, the AEU is fairly divided on the matter of membership -- and participation in the war with the PLANTs.

The AEU has been pushed around a fair bit militarily by other Federation members, having had much of what remained of its wealth (besides that held by pseudo-aristocrats) and even its autonomy damaged during the Impact Wars. While opinions of the Federation are mixed, virtually no one disagrees with the idea that national and supranational defense needs to improve. AEU member states maintain larger local militaries than allowed by the Federation, selling all but their most current equipment (such as the Enact and the Nether Kai) to PMCs to mask the armament buildup.

Holdings of Note


Moralia is a small nation in what was formerly southeastern France and Monaco, founded during the Impact Wars. It has a small permanent population, with only 180,000 citizens; however, several million foreign workers, almost all in the field of private military contracts, arms development, or arms maintenance make their homes there. PMCs alone are 20% of all Moralian private industry and make up 80% of its economic intake.

In practice, Moralia is a legal fiction maintained by the AEU and OAC, despite not being formally part of either. Its PMCs are essentially an extension of the AEU and OAC militaries, but with less oversight.