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The following is a list of series integrated on SRTMOO, by the phase in which they debuted. Individual series pages will go over the capsule summary of that franchise, and what was changed in the process of integration.

Note that, for the most part, themes have been chosen with an eye toward building the world, rather than simply adding themes. Rather than listing out everything that could conceivably be apped on the game, exhaustively, we have chosen to focus on building a world state.

That's not to say that themes not on this list simply cannot be applied for, especially those that tend to have their own personal-scale problems rather than building large swaths of setting. Post-Hoc Integration is the tool we use to add new themes on the fly, and works particularly well for shows that don't need deep cuts in the world building. Staff will be happy to work with you on fitting a theme into the game. We've actually done this for ourselves a few times going into things, to get the hang of it.

Pages will also often include some notes on what it brought to the table and why it was optioned for inclusion, for players interested in the creative process behind the game.

Core Series, Phase 1

Post-Hoc Integrated Series, Phase 1

Core Series, Phase 2