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Sometimes, you need something not covered in an application or one of the on-game systems, and which involves too much fine detail to cover in an @mail. Maybe you want to apply for a new unit, or make a plot pitch, or you need clarification on something.

The cutoff period for requests each week is Midnight EST on Friday. Any requests received by the cutoff will be handled by Midnight EST on the following Friday.

Requests fall into one of the following categories.

  • Plot - A Plot request deals with getting a plot going, or staff intervention needed for a plot (such as creating a Flashpoint or a unit). If your request requires you to take control of an NPC not already outlined in your app or implied in your character, please use the NPC Checkout Form.
  • Character - A Character request deals with alterations of a character, including both statistics and background elements. This also includes dropping a character. We prefer to receive drop requests through email instead of @mail.
  • Unit - A Unit request deals with the statting of a unit or weapon.
  • Theme - A Theme request deals with clarifying or wanting to alter an element of the theme. This can also include inquiries about Post-Hoc Integration of a theme.
  • Subgroup - A Subgroup requests revolves around the creation, alteration or dissolution of a Subgroup.
  • Grid - A Grid request revolves around the creation, alteration, correction or removal of rooms or exits on the grid.
  • Other - This request falls into none of the above categories.

Requests should be sent to the application box ( ). Requests should follow the following format: with the heading

Request - Type - Title

as in

Request - Unit - Whips For Stronger T4

The title should be reasonably descriptive of the contents.

What each request type requires is outlined below:


Plot requests are fairly freeform, but should include the following details:

  • A summary of the plot
  • The factions involved
  • The effect(s) this will have on the world state
  • The timeframe you wish to run this in, and how long it should take
  • What you would require from staff
  • Players who need to be involved

These requests will usually involve some back and forth with staff to hash things out.


If a character is required for a scene, we require a minimum of 3 days advance notice.

Character requests are very straightforward, and require:

  • A summary of the changes
  • Why you want the changes
  • Please explain your placement reasoning for your pilot at their performance level at the point of this request.
  • A copy of the autosheet with the changes made

That's it! Staff may contact you to work things out, but these are usually straightforward.


If a unit is required for a scene, we require a minimum 3 days advance notice.

Unit requests are very similar to character requests and require:

For changes to existing units

  • A summary of any changes
  • Why you want the changes
  • Justification for a change in tier, if necessary
  • A copy of the autosheet with the changes made

For new units:

  • Please explain to us the goal or core idea behind the personalizations applied to your unit(s) that makes it uniquely yours, from Kamille building Zeta Gundam out of the Gundam MkII, to the designs or systems that turn 'a Gundam' into 'your Gundam'.
  • Please explain your placement reasoning for the unit(s) at its performance level (before Personalization Bonus).
  • A copy of the autosheet with the new units
  • A unit library entry for any new units
  • A weapon library entry for any new weapons

As with characters, staff may contact you to work things out.


Theme requests are much less organised. If they are a question about an aspect of theme or if a theme would be valid for post hoc integration, please send in the question with as much detail as required.

If you are requesting to change an element of theme, please provide the following information:

  • A summary of the changes
  • Explanation of the changes and the impact they will have
  • The reasoning for these changes and how they will improve the MOO

For Post-Hoc Integrations, see the relevant page.


Subgroups must have at least three members to be created, but do not have to be tied to any faction and can be cross-faction. Subgroup requests follow the below format:

  • Group Name
  • Group Leader/Head
  • An OOC description of what the group is, and why they should be a group.
  • A short blurb, such as in @faction Londo Bell
  • A list of members
  • A list of any subgroup specific units (with UIDs)
  • A list of any subgroup specific weapons (with UIDs)


Grid requests are for fixing, creating or removing rooms.

If a room needs fixing, send the room name and what needs correcting.

For a new room, please follow the following order:

  • Room Name
  • The Room(s) it connects to on the existing grid, with Exit Names if possible
  • The Room Description
  • What factions control the room
  • Why you feel this room should be added to the grid

We prefer room descriptions to be formatted as follows. The quotes at the start of each line and blank line allow us to apply the desc more easily.

" Paragraph 1


" Paragraph 2


" Paragraph 3


Due to it's nature, the other category has no clear formatting. Just be as clear as possible, and provide as much relevant information as you can.