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Super Robot Taisen MOO's core conflict is partially between factions, and partially between individuals and the state of the world itself; as the game progresses, the state of the world will shift. The particulars of how the state of the world shifts will be informed by both player actions and the commonalities between the courses of the various themes integrated on the game.


SRTMOO uses a Phase system to divide the game's plot up. Each Phase is expected to last at least a year, and possibly longer. (We know that things generally run long on MU*s; if you want something to last fewer than two years, plan as if you want it to last one.) There are some commonalities between what happens as Phases transition.

Phases and the Grid

As Phases shift, more areas of the grid will become available for regular use. The extent to which this is true will vary from Phase to Phase; early Phases will likely only see a small amount of new grid, while later ones will open up whole galaxies. Old areas will generally remain available for plot and day-to-day RP; "getting back to where you were previously" is not a long-term concern, generally.

Phases and Themes

When the MU* enters a new Phase, almost invariably, new series will open up. The list of themes that are definitely planned for integration in each Phase will be a matter of public record, though staff reserves the right to add or delete themes from this list. (Phase 1 -- the opening -- is essentially set in stone at this point; other Phases are written in pencil, not pen.)

The reasons for these openings or delays are equal parts geographic and thematic. Some themes planned for later phases, such as Armored Trooper VOTOMs and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, require very different world states from the one presently happening on Earth, and accordingly are set elsewhere. Others, like Blue Comet SPT Layzner and Dancouga - Super Machine Beast God, deal with story elements that are not currently a major focus of the Earth Sphere, such as invasions by "knowable," human-like aliens (Zentradi notwithstanding).

Player-Run Plot

We at SRTMOO are delighted to have players who are enthusiastic about running plots! We encourage just about anyone to take a crack at taking the lead on a plot, and indeed, small-to-mid-size plots can be run with virtually nothing but one's own urge to run things. For those who need more staff support, such as extra units, Flashpoint implementation, etc., we recommend the use of the Player-Run Plot Request form, which can be mailed to the game's mailbox, just like an application.

The process of setting up a player-run plot is meant to be cooperative, and not adversarial, though staff do have the right to say no to pitches given through player-run plot requests. The goal is to make plots more inclusive, more robust, and good tonal fits for the game. If things get bounced back and forth a couple times, this is fine and is not a sign of hostility to the idea.