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The admission of the Republic of Zeon to the Earth Federation after the One Year War shocked the world, though the real shock was when it stayed admitted continuously into the present. Today's Republic of Zeon is a shadow of the nation that made war on Earth in 0079. It has oriented its economy around tourism designed to cater to a victorious Federation, with many older natives calling the "touristy" nature of Zum City and the Moussa Gravity Block disgraceful.

Its cultural heritage goes back to the Autonomous Republic of Munzo, a coalition of closed-type Island-3 colonies which made philosopher Zeon Zum Deikun its first leader. Zeon's idealistic vision of the future was ultimately destroyed when he was assassinated; while a culprit has never been found, most agree that he was likely murdered by an agent of the Zabi family, which held numerous key governmental positions and ultimately succeeded him as heads of state. Under the Zabis, the Autonomous Republic was rechristened the Principality of Zeon, and in just over a decade, went on to prosecute the bloodiest single war the Earth Sphere has ever known.

After its defeat, Zeon splintered. The portion of Zeon that could not go to ground, could not hide in capital ships, could not escape to Mars, became the Republic of Zeon -- a Federation puppet state. It maintains no official relations with the Zeon remnant forces that plague the Earth Sphere.

Political Situation

For the most part, the Republic of Zeon doesn't look that different from other Federation-held colonies, at this point. The chief difference is its robust and politically powerful ultra-nationalist party, the Space Revolutionary Party, continuously gerrymandered into *barely* lacking a majority in the legislature to avoid bothering the rest of the Federation (or giving the Britannian Union more pretext to complain than it already has). The Space Revolutionary Party -- currently led by nationalist Monaghan Bakharov and extreme Contolist Seidel Rasso -- is generally agreed to be bankrolling several Zeon remnant groups. The Federation largely ignores petitions to look into this, as Zeon remnant activity disproportionately affects Union territory, and the attitude from the other power blocs is overwhelmingly "they're both assholes; let them have proxy wars forever."

The people of the Republic of Zeon tend to be war-weary and exhausted. These people would actually like to accede to the Federation completely, rather than occupy the awkward, shaky pseudo-autonomous position they have for ages. Federation rule has its downsides, but receiving the blame for years of wars fought by people who have largely become a different culture from civilian Zeon is tiring.

Republic of Zeon PCs

Generally, any PC affiliated with the Republic of Zeon's actual military will be part of Londo Bell or G-Hound; the Republic of Zeon does not maintain a military of sufficient size to be a PC faction of note.