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The following is a non-exhaustive list of plots that are happening or have happened on SRTMOO. Feel free to update this with your own plots! Having contact information up on those plots serves as a way to help people know who to reach out to if they want to get involved with that slice of what's going on, or get caught up with things that happened in their absence.

A plot's page should include a category sorter that looks for logs or cutscenes related to that plot, similar to the ones found on character pages.

Current Plots

Phase 1

  • Cosmic Law - The Gutsy Galaxy Guard departed the Earth Sphere five years ago. Many of them have returned altered -- working in service of "cosmic law." Cosmic law mandates that miracles are forbidden, and intelligent life -- which creates miracles -- must be destroyed.
  • A Disappearing Act - A golden Gundam appears at various disaster sites across the Earthsphere before they occur, pursued by interests both in and out of the Federation. Is it a friend, a foe, or just a canary in a coal mine? (Contact: Rita Bernal, Michele Luio)
  • À Mon Seul Désir - The mysterious Laplace's Box has driven an enormous amount of conflict in the Earth Sphere. What is it, though, and why is the Vist Foundation so singularly focused on its retrieval? (Contact: Banagher Links, Leina Ashta)
  • The Star of Silence - A technicolor cloud-like entity begins to intrude on battlefields, not to join in, but to observe--and eventually to put a stop to them. In time, it turns out the so-called Glow Cloud is actually the Tenth Angel, Duma. It seems peaceful, but what are its true intentions? (Contact: Kaworu Nagisa)

Completed Plots and Subplots

Phase 1, Turn 1

  • The Galactic Fairy Alights - Sheryl Nome: live on stage for her first Earth Sphere tour! (Contact: Sheryl Nome, Grace O'Connor)
  • Rampaging One Night Stand - The Black Knights team up with a Japanese nationalist force to make an attack on Nagoya, and the Shuffle Alliance moves to stop it. Something about the situation doesn't add up. (Contacts: Lelouch Lamperouge/Teletha Testarossa, Kaname Chidori, Sousuke Sagara, Beam Coat)

Phase 1, Turn 2

  • A Dream is Something You Wake Up From - Sleepy Tsutsujidai seems to be a world apart from the Universal Century we know -- no conflicts happened after the One Year War, and the sleepy ward to all reports lives in an idyllic, peaceful world. Is this a pathway to a happier timeline? Or has something different happened...? (Contact: Akane Shinjo/Alexis Kerib)
  • A Walled Garden - Tsutsujidai withdraws from reality completely, leaving numerous people cut off from the rest of the world in a city (heart) that seems to be doing its best to die. Overlaps "A Dream is Something You Wake Up From" and "Cosmic Law."
  • Spiral of Encounters - Conflict escalates in the Earth Sphere after the destruction of JOSH-A under mysterious circumstances and the slow-motion collapse of the Gundam Fight.

Phase 1, Turn 3

  • Legend of Zero - Started during Turn 2 but ended in Turn 3. The production and eventual screening of the movie Bird Human, which would propel Ranka Lee to stardom.