Neutral Colonies

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"How can you call a colony that's manufacturing new weapons for the Earth Forces 'neutral'?"

Neutral Colonies

A handful of colonies have successfully cut ties with the Federation and gone their own way in space without appreciable bloodshed. The requirements for such a political event, however, were incredibly narrow and unlikely to be repeated ever again; the history of space is, unfortunately, ever-increasingly the history of war.

The number of neutral colonies is dwindling. Side 6 rejoined the Federation in 0097, and is now part of the Space Assembly League.

List of Neutral Colonies

  • Copernicus City - Copernicus City is the cultural capital of the Moon, and its primary neutral ground. Despite its name, it occupies the South Pole-Aitken Basin crater rather than the Copernicus crater. During Zeonic occupation during the One Year War, Copernicus City was known as Granada.
  • Heliopolis - Heliopolis was an Orb Union-owned colony which was destroyed in 0095.
  • Industrial 7 - A manufacturing colony owned and operated by Anaheim Electronics.
  • Side 5 - While Side 5 is best known as a shoal zone in L1 due to destruction during the One Year War, non-Federation interests have staked out much of Side 5 for redevelopment. Non-Federation nations like the Kingdom of Scandinavia and the Orb Union operate colonies here, as do non-state actors like Anaheim Electronics.