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1. Please tell us who you are on the MOO! This is so we can find you if we need to discuss something in the Flashpoint with you and so we know how you would like to be credited for the Flashpoint.


2. Please describe the Flashpoint you are creating. Is it a short-term event or a longer-term project? Is it tied to a specific character or organization? This question is for admin and won't be part of the on-game description of the Flashpoint (that comes later!)

3. When do you want this Flashpoint to go live, and when do you want it to close? If you don't know exactly when to close it at application, that's fine.


4. Please give the basic information of the Flashpoint. These will be visible on the MOO.

These points are required:

  • Name: (The name of the Flashpoint.)
  • Description: (A description of the Flashpoint. A paragraph is good. This should have a description of what it is so people know what they're getting into, as well as any special notes you want to share with the people running it about how to handle it.)
  • Tier: (The tier of the Flashpoint. For now, all Flashpoints will be Standard Tier.)

These points are optional, but helpful.

  • The opposition of the Flashpoint - who is it against? The answer might be 'nobody', in the case of things like search and rescue; alternatively, it might be an organization, or even a specific person.
  • The target audience of the Flashpoint - what kind of character is it designed for? Who is the target audience? This can be very limited or very open, as you prefer.

5. Please give us the Flashpoint deck.

A Flashpoint deck consists of, at minimum: one Entry card, two Round 2 cards, two Round 3 cards, two Round 4 cards, one Round 5 card, and one each of a Failure, Success, or Strong Success conclusion card ('Round 6 cards'.) A card can be valid in multiple rounds between 2-4, but you should still have at least six cards for these rounds, and at least two cards should be valid in each round.

Each card has:

  • A name.
  • A difficulty (1-4). Round 6 cards don't have difficulties.
  • Up to 5 Attributes. Attributes affect which abilities are useful for this card.
  • One mandatory stat. Valid options are HP, ARM, MOB, RX, SGT, WSP for unit stats, or TAR, PIL, INT, SKL for pilot stats.
  • A description of a paragraph or two.
  • Prerequisite cards, if any. Cards won't be drawn if their prerequisites haven't been. Entry cards never have prerequisites, and prerequisites are optional, though it does allow a branching path.
  • A type. Except for Round 6, these are all Exploration; Round 6 cards are Failure, Success or Strong Success.
  • Rounds the card is valid to draw in.
  • Terrain.

Your average difficulty should be about 2.0 for an average Flashpoint, 2.5 for a hard Flashpoint, or 3.0 for a brutal Flashpoint.

In order to help you organize your cards, please use the following spreadsheet:


If you aren't comfortable with spreadsheets, you can use the following template for each card:

  • Name:
  • Difficulty:
  • Terrain:
  • Mandatory Stat:
  • Attributes:
  • Prerequisite Cards:
  • Valid Rounds:
  • Type:
  • Description:

In order to see what attributes do which you may consult the following document:

Flashpoint Guidelines


All done? Send it to srtmoostaff@gmail.com!