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Super Robot Taisen MOO takes a dim view of willful harassment. Sometimes people disagree, and sometimes people even get a little heated about it; that's not what this is about, of course. (This applies primarily to OOC conduct, though if you repeatedly do something someone has told you makes them incredibly uncomfortable OOCly ICly, that also qualifies.)

The core of the rule is this: Bad behavior is something you know when you see it, and will be reacted to accordingly. Egregiously bad behavior, like racism, sexism, trans/homophobia, sexual harassment, etc. pretty much always earns a final warning or immediate ban.

Don't be gross and bad, please, and if someone tells you to knock it off, like, at least try to. It's not that deep.

Some games have a more formalized conduct system involving strikes or rules with greater specificity; we have chosen to take a different tack purposefully. Formal systems tend to cause anxiety in users who may have the occasional situation that warrants staff intervention, while allowing perennial ne'er-do-wells to skate the bare edge of a firing without actually getting fired. At this stage, however, this is an experiment in MU* staffing, and if in the end this turns out to have poor results, we reserve the right to implement a system with strikes or other increased formalities at a later date.


The source material of someone's character does not change the conduct file. Someone's base character pitch does not change the conduct file. This goes both directions. Even if you are playing a character who is canonically ultraviolent/inappropriately-sexual/deeply-emotionally-wounded/etc., if someone pumps the brakes, you are going to humor them and try toning it down. Indeed, you should try to establish at least some boundaries before pushing outside the realm of hard-PG-13-ish. These are both preemptive and active, moment-to-moment conversations within a scene.

We are here to collaborate. Collaboration means engaging each other with respect.