Chain of Command

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"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves."

Chain of Command

While faction isn't the be-all, end-all of interrelations and activities on the game, factions do play a major role in the thrust of the game. Accordingly, we want to make sure that factions feel well-represented and like they have things to do, that the players in them like doing! To this end, we want to reach out to the community (and the mini-communities that are factions themselves) for help.


Starting roughly a month into the game (or sooner, if people start apping characters that would potentially be IC as well as OOC claimants to a role), staff will coordinate with factions to select one or more representatives to coordinate with for leadership purposes. This is largely a no-pressure, relaxed position that can be entered or left at any time, though we would strongly appreciate it if someone currently holding the responsibility and no longer interested in it would help choose a replacement.

The expectations of this position include:

  • Being a point of contact for other factions' players who want to do something with your own faction;
  • Bringing up concerns about whether a faction feels like it has activities to participate in;
  • Having your own concerns addressed by staff,
  • Keeping the Chain of Command boards/channel abreast of what your faction is up to that you think is important (roughly once a month); and
  • Helping players in your faction who have worries or concerns voice them in a constructive manner.

IC vs OOC Leadership

Faction OOC leadership will often correlate with faction IC leadership -- that is to say, characters of high IC rank will have access to the OOC coordination channels and a modest expectation of coordination with staff and other faction leadership regarding plot and conflict.

However, we know that sometimes what draws you to a character like Bright Noa or Cornelia li Britannia is not administrivia. "Command-rank" characters who don't necessarily want to perform this role are welcomed and even encouraged to delegate it to another eager player, and that player need not play a character of especially high rank. If Mu la Flaga's player happens to be the only person in Londo Bell excited to coordinate within and between factions, well, that's great! More power to him! Bright can safely focus on worrying about the fate of the Earth Sphere ICly.