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SRT MOO welcomes players to app a variety of alts! Players may have one application submitted at a time and have four character slots available. Not all of these character slots operate in quite the same way, however.

Each player has four slots that can be used on any character, in any faction, with any mobile weapon or lack thereof. This character can be a Feature Character or Original Character.

Each player has one slot that can be used on Feature Characters or Original Characters, but only those in leadership roles or who present with a battleship or similar mobile command platform (dropship, G-1 Base, etc). Having command staff around is good both in terms of adding texture to the world and adding more dynamic interactions to combat scenes. The character doesn't necessarily need to have that as their only unit, or be the captain of that unit; characters like bridge crew (such as Ruri Hoshino or Miriallia Haw) or commanders who provide field command (like Full Frontal, Shota Hebikura, or Cornelia li Britannia) can still occupy this slot.

These numbers may be adjusted upward over time, but usually with targeted slots rather than general-use ones; as the game changes, it may be in its interest to encourage apps in specific factions or leaning on specific elements of the theme. Slots of this type will not be limited in the long term; really, 'too many characters highlighting the things going on in the game right now' is a good problem to have. Staff reserves the right to open and close such offerings at any time, though generally the closing of a category will be presaged with a month's warning or so to prevent people from losing out on an application for which they were working.

Finally, each player has a limitless number of slots for characters without access to any mobile weapons. Honestly, there's no reason to limit this; it's usually not an attractive application prospect, but we don't want to stop people who get excited by it from playing it to their hearts' content.

In summary, each player has:

  • a general-use character slot
  • a general-use character slot
  • a general-use character slot
  • a general-use character slot
  • a character slot for Feature Characters or for characters in leadership roles or who present with a battleship or similar mobile command platform, be they Feature Characters or Original Characters

and may also have

  • characters apped as part of a "free slot" initiative to encourage uptake of specific theme elements, such as factions or points of origin; players currently get one slot for this
  • characters without any access to mobile weapons whatsoever; this is not limited

Incentive Slot Categories

The current incentive slot categories are:

  • Any character who will remain an antagonist for more than one full Turn (i.e., whose schemes and plots as an antagonist will not resolve until Phase 2, Turn 2 at the earliest)
  • Any character who will spend at least all of Phase 2, Turn 1 in any of the following groups:
   * Anti-Earth Cooperative Federation
   * BioNet
   * Gaia Sabers
   * Space Assembly League
   * Yaman Rebellion
  • Any character from a theme debuting in Phase 2, or any characters from a theme updated for Phase 2 whose "starring moments" only really begin during Phase 2. This is a long list that includes characters from the following debuting media:
   * Armored Trooper VOTOMs
   * Blue Comet SPT Layzner
   * Expelled From Paradise
   * Getter Robo Devolution: The Last Three Minutes of the Universe
   * Heavy Metal L-Gaim
   * Lagrange: The Flower of Rinne
   * Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury
   * Nagahama Robot Romance Trilogy
   * SD Gundam Battle Alliance
   * SD Gundam G Generation Wars Trilogy
   * Shin Ultraman
   * Super Beast Machine God Dancouga

and the following characters from nondebuting media that has undergone a significant update:

   * Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
   * Mobile Police Patlabor
   * Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season
   * Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

RP Time Requirements

We intend to take a fairly flexible approach regarding how much a Feature Character is expected to be around to retain the FC. A scene a month with reasonably regular logins is generally sufficient, though we encourage faction leader characters (in the OOC sense of the term) to be around more than this.

If you anticipate not being around for an extended period of time, please post to the Vacations board or contact staff at the email box.

We reserve the right to open a Feature Character or delete an Original Character after one month or more without logging in.