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A lot of plots, themes, and other affinity groups have developed secondary communication streams -- usually Discords -- for handling stuff. This level of enthusiasm is great, and certainly we can't really... stop plot coordination group chats from getting to more than 10 people and needing a Discord. We'd like to be able to spread that enthusiasm!

SRTMOO does not take responsibility for the content of these Discords. To be accepted for affiliate status, a Discord must meet the following requirements:

  • Affiliate Discords should be an open place for approved players of the MOO, available both to characters who are already in the affinity group and to players interested in playing with those themes or coordinating with the players already there
  • Affiliate Discords should have a "landing channel" for new users to confirm who they play on the MOO (or intend to play; guests welcome, though we would prefer to encourage them to apply sooner than later) that does not provide access to non-mod members; this makes it more difficult for Discord scammers to drive-by join things off our wiki to do Nitro scams/etc. The simplest way to achieve this is to make a channel that is accessible to anyone where people can request roles, and then make other channels require a role to view.
  • At least one moderator per six users or five moderators if by some miracle the Discord has more than 30 users, at least two of which (or one, if the discord is less than 10 people) cannot be staff at SRTMOO (Discords requesting affiliation before 11/7 will be grandfathered in on this point but we strongly recommend they meet the requirement anyway).
  • Like the game itself, affiliate discords must be 18+ spaces.
  • At least one channel specifically dedicated to plot or theme-related planning

These requirements serve two major purposes:

  • Plotting Discords should not add significantly to SRTMOO's moderation overhead, and
  • Plotting Discords should serve a functional plotting purpose rather than simply being clique spaces

Beyond that, affiliate Discords are welcome to set their own local standards for behavior and discourse.

Discords must meet all of the above standards before being added to the Wiki, again as a safeguard against common Discord scams etc.

List of Affiliate Discords