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There are multiple things one might call "Advancement" on SRTMOO. The first has to do with statistical caps; the second has to do with upgrades; the third has to do with "sidegrades" available through the mass production unit and W-Space systems.

Linear Advancement

Rather than offering straight advancement on an individual, points-accrual basis, SRT MOO will offer blanket increases in the minimum strength of personal units periodically. Specifically:

At flexible, semi-preset intervals during the game's progression, the number of ability slots available to units and pilots will increase by 1. These slots can be spent the same way as any other ability slot.

PCs can choose to simply indefinitely upgrade their base statistics and units, or can choose to leave their old units where they are and upgrade with new units. We hope this will allow for both "trade-up" and "new-capability" upgrading units to remain strong and competitive while still highlighting the progression of the world and technology in-character.

Note that these adjustments will not generally be applied to mass-production units without a story reason; eventually, some mass-production gear will effectively move down a tier. This is intended.


PCs are welcome to upgrade their unit or pilot tier as the plot demands as well. This is not considered "advancement" in the conventional sense, even if it does leave a PC with a slightly more powerful unit or more pilot stat points. Things like advancing one's personal unit a tier (whether due to an in-character upgrade or simply getting a new unit), or finding a new resolve and going from Expert to Ace, are just fine.

Remember to pace yourself on this type of thing. We get it, toys are fun and cool; however, you should try to tie upgrades (be they unit or pilot) to plot beats.

Flashpoint-Related Unlocks

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