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SRTMOO operates under a principle called consensual RP. Within reason, you have the right to determine lasting changes to your character. You control whether your character is lastingly maimed, put under mind control, turned into a giant monster, etc. There are some limitations and structures here, though.

  • Death. Characters will generally not die or be substantially maimed without your say-so. As a matter of policy, consensual death (or condeath) for feature characters is retained by SRTMOO staff; killing off an FC warrants at least modest discussion. OCs retain their own condeath.
  • Killing. Just as players must generally consent for their characters to die (and in some cases staff/castmates will also be involved in those discussions), characters must also consent to having their characters kill other characters (or NPCs). Due to the wide range of tones on the game, we want to preserve the right of characters to maintain their own tone.
  • Mess With The Bull. If you put your character in an obviously dangerous position (like a bullfight), you can reasonably expect them to receive the consequences of a bullfight (horns). Combat comes with implicit consent to be hurt, have your things get busted up, et cetera. More extreme actions, like jumping into a black hole on foot, will meet with coherent consequences.
  • Plots. Some plots involve a certain amount of consent being waived. This will not include consensual death. However, a plot that carries the risk of being captured, significantly wounded, experimented on, etc. can be signposted as such beforehand, and players participating embrace the risks that occur.